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      The City of Edmonton Announces eBike (Electric Bike) Rebate Program! 

      For Immediate Release: The City of Edmonton Announces that Edmonton Residents Can Now Apply for a Rebate of Up to 30% of the Value of Their eBike!

      Edmonton, Alberta - As more and more Edmontonians are trading in their cars for electric bikes, the City of Edmonton announced that they are supporting Edmonton residents who want to purchase an eBike with a rebate of 30% of the value of their eBike, up to a maximum of $750 per household. There would be a cap of one eBike rebate per residence.

      "This eBike rebate is big news for the City of Edmonton!" said United Sport & Cycle operations manager, Kelly Hodgson. "We're seeing a lot of interest this year in our bike shop for electric bikes and this rebate program will help a lot of people make the transition from commuting by private car to commuting by bike."

      Transportation accounts for about 20% of the average Edmontonian's carbon footprint and studies have shown that electric bikes can reduce the CO2 emissions of the average person's daily commute by 92%.

      Together, these two facts mean that an electric bike rebate program can play a major role in reducing our city's greenhouse gas emissions.

      In Canada, pedal-assist eBikes can travel at a max speed of 32km/h—a significant advantage over most people's regular biking speed. And they make travelling up big hills very easy, without getting all sweaty on the way to work. Hodgson added that the idea that eBikes are just for more elderly bikers or for cyclists nursing injuries is completely false:

      "The people coming into our bike shop to buy electric bikes are really diverse," Hodgson noted. "We have young, fit people buying eBikes because they don't want to spend $10,000 a year on car payments and insurance. We have mountain bikers buying eBikes because they don't want to waste all their energy pedalling up hills. We even have road bikers buying eBikes so they can keep up with their friends or go on even longer trips than before."

      city of edmonton ebike electric rebate program

      "The assist from the eBike just opens up so many doors for people that aren't there with a regular bike. Having this eBike rebate program in place is just going to open up even more doors.

      "We talk to a lot of customers who want to buy an electric bike, but the barrier for some of them is financial. With this rebate, an eBike is almost the same cost as a comparable regular bike!"

      Hodgson cautioned that there are many different types of eBikes, and some eBikes that are legal in the USA are illegal in Canada, so Edmontonians wanting to participate in the eBike rebate program should be sure to visit a local bike shop like United Sport & Cycle.

      "The City of Edmonton has been very clear in their eBike rebate guidelines that only certain types of motors and certain types of eBikes are allowed to be a part of this rebate program. They've done that to make sure that these rebates aren't being applied to non-street-legal eBikes.

      "The good news is: if you're buying an eBike from a place like United Sport & Cycle, it will be an approved eBike under this program!"

      To learn more about eBikes, how they work, and who's allowed to ride them in Alberta, click here.

      To apply for your eBike rebate, click here.