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      apollo electric scooters city light pro commuter scooter

      All About the Apollo Electric Scooter - Features, Benefits, & More!

      There's a new player in the commuter market: the electric scooter.

      Built for speed, convenience, and efficiency, the electric scooter has a wide range of benefits that most consumers don’t even know about! Whether you are looking for a joyride or a way to get to work in the morning, we think you will be pleasantly surprised with what electric scooters have to offer.

      Today, we will be focusing on the Canadian designed line of Apollo electric scooters and their plethora of unbelievable features.

      in addition to being a Canadian company, the beauty of the Apollo line-up is that all their models feature powerful motors, are foldable in 3 seconds, and boast extensive safety features.

      In addition, the company Apollo itself has incredible policies and offers 24 months of free warranty, plus a top-rated 24 hour customer service offering, giving buyers peace of mind.  We're thrilled to be one of their few authorized dealers and service centres.

      What sort of features do electric scooters have? 

      All of Apollo’s electric scooters boast some seriously impressive features, but today we will be focusing on their ultimate commuter model: The Apollo City.

      To begin, the Apollo City is designed to be the perfect mix of power and portability. It is powerful enough to climb any hill—yet compact enough to fit under your desk.

      It also only weighs a mere 18kg and can be collapsed into an easily storable form in less than three seconds! This means  you don't need to worry about locking it up, or locating secure storage... you can simply bring it right into your office, workspace, etc. and be free from worry!

      These features make the City electric scooter a perfect fit for any stage of your commute.

      In addition to these practical features, the City features a 600W motor equipped with an 800W peak output! That means a top speed of 40 km/h and the ability to reach 25 km/h in about 4 seconds... so basically, you’ll be leaving cyclists, and even some cars, in the dust.

      This ability to zip around isn’t short lived either: the Apollo City offers a range of 35-45 km between charges, meaning you can cover some serious ground. You will also never lose track of how fast you are going or where your battery is at, since the City electric scooter comes with a digital command center that features a ton of configurable settings—and cruise control for your longer rides!

      When it comes to safety features, Apollo made sure to go the extra mile:

      • Every City electric scooter features powerful LED lights in the front, rear, and under the deck to ensure you can always remain visible and as a result, ride safely. 
      • The City also comes equipped with a triple braking system—the main brake is in the rear and features a drum braking system, which requires little maintenance or upkeep. 
      • In addition, the front disc brake acts as a safety back-up should you need the additional stopping power.  
      • Finally, the electric re-generation brake will automatically slow the electric scooter down when the brake handle is pressed (braking strength can be controlled in settings) and it re-charges your battery while doing so!

      Finally, to smooth out your ride, the Apollo City electric scooter comes fully loaded with front and back dual-spring suspension.

      Potholes? No problem. The Apollo’s 8.5-inch air filled front tire will further absorb shock making your ride extra smooth. All in all, Apollo's electric scooters have exceptional features, making them not only reliable but incredibly fun!

      Apollo electric scooter city light commuter

      Electric Scooters vs. Bikes

      If you are in the market for a commuter option, you may be interested to know how electric scooters stack up against bikes and other traditional methods of transportation.

      The beauty of Apollo's eScooter is that they offer quick commute times, easily fold up and are easy-to-store, and can travel significant distances on a single charge.

      In addition to these points, riding an electric scooter in lieu of a bike means you don’t have to arrive to your destination tired and sweaty, and can also have the freedom to zip up and down hills and other tough areas of terrain without having to exert yourself.

      Electric scooters are also unique in that they offer up an alternative to driving to those who are not physically able to use a traditional bike, making them an incredibly accessible ride.

      That being said, electric scooters do fall short compared to bikes and eBikes when it comes to their ability to offer you up your daily dose of exercise, but at the end of the day their vast number of advantages more than make up for this.

      Overall, we rate the Apollo's electric scooters high in convenience, accessibility, and fun, and believe they are going to be the "must-have" item this year and for years to come!

      Apollo Electric Scooter Models

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      Thinking about Electric Scooters now?

      So there’s our take on the all-new Apollo City Electric Scooter!

      If you are interested in learning more, drop by our Edmonton store to talk to one of our resident experts, or better yet, take one of our electric scooters for a test drive!

      There is no better way to get an idea of product features than to have a hands on experience, which is why we have a track in store for you to take our electric scooters for a spin with no purchase necessary. Just be warned—once you try one out, you are going to have a hard time leaving the store without it!

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      apollo electric scooters city light pro commuter scooter