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      Best Lawn Game Cross Net Four Way Volleyball Edmonton Alberta Canada

      Introducing CROSSNET!

      Isn't it crazy how every year, someone manages to invent a brand new sport or game? This year's hottest new addition to the world of games is no other than CROSSNET—the four way volleyball game that combines the competitiveness of volleyball with the laid back nature of four-square. CROSSNET is on its way to becoming the king of backyard games and we couldn't be more excited about it.

      Interested in learning more about the rules and benefits of the game? Then read on!

      First and Foremost, How do you play?

      CROSSNET is known for its ability to be played by all ages, simple rules of gameplay, and easy set-up and take-down! The official rules of the game, spoken directly by CROSSNET are as follows:

      During gameplay, players engage in a four-way battle to eliminate each other, with the goal of having the ball land in their opponent’s square. Points are scored each time a player remains in the fourth square without a mistake. Here are the general rules for gameplay:

      Gather at least three people and designate each quadrant as number one through four. Along with you, there should be one person in each square. You can have additional players too—just have them line up outside square one and they’ll step in when someone is eliminated. The objective is to make it to the fourth square, where a player can serve and score.

      When in the fourth square, the player serves diagonally to the second square, who then returns the ball to any other square. Each player is only allowed one hit per return. When the ball lands on the ground, the player who misplays it is eliminated and either returns to the first square or the back of the line. The remaining players rotate clockwise.

      Whenever another player is eliminated, the fourth square receives a point. Players keep their points when eliminated however. The game is to 11 points and―like volleyball―you must win by two!

      So in essence―you rotate like a game of four-square, but rally the ball similarly to volleyball. Talk about the best of both worlds!

      A few of the Many Benefits of CROSSNET

      CROSSNET is a wonderfully fun, accessible, and easy way to have an absolute blast with family and friends. It can be played on the lawn, in the sand, in a gymnasium, and now even in the water with the latest addition of CROSSNET H20

      Easy Set-Up + Transportability 

      With CROSSNET's easy to follow instructions, the net can be assembled and taken down in a matter of minutes, meaning less hassle and more time for outdoor fun for everyone! Additionally, CROSSNET is a game you can take anywhere you go—it packs down into a compact carrying case, and can be set up indoors, in the sand, on grass, and really any surface!

      CROSSNET is a Game for All Ages

      Arguably the best part about CROSSNET is that almost anyone can play it. It is actually designed with this in mind, since the creators of CROSSNET felt that many recreational games were too challenging for children, yet too easy for adults. CROSSNET strikes a wonderful balance since it allows for all players to stay active throughout the game, yet doesn't require too strenuous of activity. This makes for a fantastic family activity, that can also become a spirited and competitive match with the right group of players! Overall, CROSSNET makes for a dynamic and entertaining activity for all ages, capabilities, and activity levels.

      Perfect for Multiple Players

      A major bonus about CROSSNET is that it is a four person game, with the capability to have unlimited amounts of players join! This means that no-one is sidelined at gatherings, and everyone can be a part of the fun. Additionally, you can easily adapt the net and play with just two players at any point. 

      High Quality Equipment

      All CROSSNET sets are made from high quality parts that not only make for a seamless set up, but stand the test of time. That means Nets, spikes, and rods won't break on you and ruin the fun!

      Shop our Collection of CROSSNET Sets & Equipment

      Crossnet Four-Square Volleyball Game

      4 Men Play Crossnet on the beach. Shop Crossnet Four Way Four Square Volleyball Game Edmonton Canada
      4 Men Play Crossnet on the beach. Shop Crossnet Four Way Four Square Volleyball Game Edmonton Canada
      View Details

      Crossnet Indoor Base Set

      Shop Crossnet Indoor Base Set Edmonton Alberta Canada store
      Shop Crossnet Indoor Base Set Edmonton Alberta Canada store
      Shop Crossnet Indoor Base Set Edmonton Alberta Canada store
      Shop Crossnet Indoor Base Set Edmonton Alberta Canada store
      View Details

      Crossnet Doubles Net

      Shop Crossnet Doubles Net Edmonton Alberta Canada store
      Shop Crossnet Doubles Net Edmonton Alberta Canada store
      Shop Crossnet Doubles Net Edmonton Alberta Canada store
      Shop Crossnet Doubles Net Edmonton Alberta Canada store
      View Details

      CROSSNET Add-Ons

      CROSSNET Doubles Extension

      Feeling like partnering up? CROSSNET Doubles is here! Same rules, just double the length and double the fun! The CROSSNET Doubles extension set now allows for partners to occupy each quadrant, and use three hits per team. The Doubles Net is 23' x 23', with each square being 11.5' x 11.5'. This makes for a faster paced game that more resembles volleyball, and can get even more people involved! It is important to note that the CROSSNET Doubles Net is an add-on net that is interchangeable with the original CROSSNET set, meaning you must purchase the original set in order to use this addition. 

      CROSSNET Indoor Base Set

      Looking to take CROSSNET into the great indoors? Perfect for gymnasium floors, pair these four fillable bases from the Indoor Base Set with the standard CROSSNET kit to play four square volleyball indoors. This extension includes four 27x16x6" water or sand fillable heavy-duty bases, each of which weighs 4.4lbs when empty, can hold 75lbs of sand or water, and is designed for easy set up and break down. The beauty of these sets is they can be used as a permanent indoor training tool for volleyball teams and classrooms instead of something that is disassembled after every use!

      CROSSNET H20 

      This addition makes it so you can truly play CROSSNET anywhere! All the same great CROSSNET fun, but this set means you can now play in the water. The dimensions of this set are 13' by 13', making it the perfect summer lake or pool day activity. The CROSSNET H2O set includes a net, floating base, travel duffle bag, inflatable neoprene ball, and pump. 

      Time to try out CROSSNET!

      This four way volleyball game is on track to be one of the top selling lawn games and it is no wonder why. CROSSNET is a fantastic way to get the whole family in on the fun this summer, get outdoors, and stay active! Looking to get into a set today? Look no further! We carry all of the different CROSSNET sets, plus we offer free shipping Canada Wide on purchases over $150. Thanks for reading another United Sport and Cycle Blog, and we hope you give CROSSNET a try!

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