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      Best family activites for staycation edmonton alberta

      How to make your May Long Staycation Epic!

      With government restrictions tougher than ever, and many Canadians avoiding travel to do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19, it isn't looking like there will be much opportunity to have a getaway this May long weekend. Although this may not be what we are all used to, we are confident that with the right equipment and attitude, we can make this year's staycation one for the ages!

      We've outlined the top activities and games you can do at home and with your household to make sure your May long still features all of the laughs and quality time it always has!

      1. Grab a CROSSNET set for the backyard!

      CROSSNET is a wonderfully fun, accessible, and easy way to have an absolute blast with family and friends. It can be played on the lawn, in the sand, in a gymnasium, and now even in the water with the latest addition of CROSSNET H20

      Arguably the best part about CROSSNET is that almost anyone can play it. It is actually designed with this in mind, since the creators of CROSSNET felt that many recreational games were too challenging for children, yet too easy for adults. This makes for a fantastic family activity, that can also become a spirited and competitive match with the right group of players! 

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      Crossnet Four-Square Volleyball Game

      4 Men Play Crossnet on the beach. Shop Crossnet Four Way Four Square Volleyball Game Edmonton Canada
      4 Men Play Crossnet on the beach. Shop Crossnet Four Way Four Square Volleyball Game Edmonton Canada
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      Bunnock (Game of Bones) Starter Set

      Shop bunnock starter set Edmonton Alberta Canada store
      Shop bunnock starter set Edmonton Alberta Canada store
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      Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

      Shop Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Spikeball Set Edmonton Alberta Canada store
      Shop Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Spikeball Set Edmonton Alberta Canada store
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      2. Check out the game of Bunnock!

      Bunnock, sometimes referred to as the "game of bones" is a fun family game that can be played by two to eight players or more. Two rows of 22 bones are set up about 10 meters apart with one guard at either end. The object of the game is to first knock down the guards, then the inside soldiers, before the other team. The first team to knock down their oppositions bunnock bones with the least amount of throws will win the game.

      All in all, this is a super entertaining lawn game that requires little skill or mastery to enjoy. In fact, the game of Bunnock it is so popular that there are world championships hosted annually in Saskatchewan! Try your hand at the game of bones this May long and you may just find yourself competing at tournaments down the road!

      3. Give Spikeball a try!

      Spikeball is the latest and greatest lawn game and it is an absolute blast! It can be played with groups or two or four on grass, sand, water, gym floors, and honestly really any surface! The rules of the game are similar to that of volleyball in the sense that each time can have a maximum of three touches before they must return it to the opposing team.

      Spikeball has a super easy set-up and takedown process, and can be learned quickly. Like Bunnock, there are now professional leagues and Spikeball tournaments cropping up all over the place due to the game's fast paced, entertaining, and competitive nature. 

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      4. Household Picnic - Don't forget the cooler!

      One of the best ways to mix things up around meal time & get out of the house is to plan a picnic! Choose a nice local park or a spot in Edmonton's river valley as your destination and grab a cooler full of your family's favorite snacks and beverages!

      Don't have a cooler? No worries! We carry a wide range of Yeti, Rovr, and Glacier cooler products for every occasion and need. So grab a cooler, load it up, and enjoy each others company on a (hopefully) beautiful summer day.

      5. Ever played a round of Disc Golf?

      Disc Golf is a fun combination of golfing and frisbee that can be played at outdoor frolf courses, or anywhere if you have your own portable disc golf targets. It follows a similar format to a round of golf, but players throw a golf disc at a target instead! The best part? There are a ton of courses in the Edmonton area, and the majority of them are free to play at! 

      Pack up a cooler, grab a couple of golf discs, and get out for a day of affordable and accessible family fun!

      6. Work on your jump shot!

      An outdoor basketball hoop is great for countless hours of family fun and competition, not to mention provides a great way to hone in your skills when gyms aren't available. Playing games like 21, bump, and one on one are great ways to get your household outside, active, and having a blast! 

      To really take it to the next level, consider hosting a household games tournament where everyone competes in a wide range of challenges and games and keeps track of their points. If this sounds like something that would step up your backyard-cation, shop our wide collection of basketball systems here! We also offer FREE delivery anywhere in the Edmonton region, so you don't need to worry about the hassle of pick-up.

      7. Pickleball... Anywhere!

      Pickleball is a super fun and manageable game for all ages that requires only a paddle, a ball, and a net to play! You can play one on one, or two versus two, and games are usually played until a score of 11. Most communities feature accessible outdoor public courts to play on, so finding a space to launch your pickleball games on should be no problem!

      Pickleball has gained incredible popularity over the past few years however, meaning that oftentimes public courts are totally jam packed on summer days. If you're worried about crowds or securing a court, grab one of our portable pickleball nets that can be set up anywhere, anytime!

      8. Get out for a hike, walk, or bike, but don't forget to protect your eyes!

      We are headed straight into summer which means the sun's rays are going to be (hopefully) beaming down on us. Make sure your eyes are protected while doing any summer activities you may choose by rocking a pair of polarized sunglasses! Do your May long activities safely and in style with some of our affordable sunglass options from Goodr, Knockaround, or Suncloud available for less than $50 a pair.

      9. Play a little catch!

      There's nothing that quite says summer like playing a little catch in the backyard! Grab a glove and a ball and enjoy the great outdoors with the people in your household. There's something to be said for the casual conversations and memories formed when playing a little catch with mom or dad, or a close friend. The best thing about catch? Social distancing is necessary so it's still a safe way to interact!

      If you're in need of a glove upgrade this year, we've got you covered. Take a look through our slection online and have it delivered to you for FREE anywhere in the Edmonton area in one day.

      10. Rollerblading anyone?

      Rollerblading is making a resurgence and we couldn't be more excited about it! Strapping on your blades and going for a cruise around the city is a beautiful way to spend time with friends and family and get your daily dose of physical activity in. We've got a wide selection of kids and adult rollerblades and skates that will get the whole family outfitted!

      No go have yourself the best Staycation yet!

      We know everyone may not be getting the vacation of their dreams this year, but that doesn't mean you can't have a wonderful and safe weekend filled with fun, family, and memories. If any of the ideas on this list peaked your interest, why not give them a try? We carry all of the featured products on our website, and in-store to make rounding up your staycation fun as easy as possible! Plus, we ship all over Canada, and if you live in the Edmonton, Alberta area, we will delivery your order straight to your doorstep, free of charge.

      We wish you all have a safe and enjoyable May long weekend, and we hope we can be a part of it by supplying your family with awesome new activities!

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