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      Woman and Man Playing Spikeball in a Field Edmonton Alberta

      One great time in one little package

      With many sports, you need to depend on external equipment - equipment that can be nearly impossible to transport on its own. You can't fit a basketball net or a hockey goal into a backpack after all. It can be frustrating when you want to play a sport but there's no proper place to play it. Thankfully, Spikeball is the game that you can carry in one little package - and it packs quite a punch!

      The anatomy of a game of Spikeball

      So what do you actually need? Well, the answer is simple: a Spikeball kit, and some friends! A kit includes: 

      • 1 Spikeball net
      • 3 Spikeball balls
      • 1 drawstring bag for easy storage and transport
      • 1 rule book (if you're a stickler for those sorts of things)

       The rules

      Thankfully, the basic rules are just as simple as the set up:

      • The serve: Bounce the ball off the net. After the ball hits the net, it officially changes possession to the other team. 
      • The return: The returning team has 3 touches before they have to bounce the ball off the net again. Use these touches to set up difficult angles and shots that the other team won’t be able to return!
      • The rally: Each team then rallies back and forth until one team can’t return the ball. Whichever team succeeds in grounding the ball is awarded a point. 
      • The fun: Play to your heart’s content! Bring some friends, set up a refreshment station, and make some memories. 

       Customize your experience

      Want to change the game? Go right ahead! Play at any hour with our glow-in-the-dark Spikebrite kit. Take to the beach with our Spikebuoy set and play in the surf. For any way you want to play, there's a Spikeball set for you!

      Closeup of Spikeball and Spikeball Net Edmonton Alberta

      Spikeball essentials 

      Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

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      Spikeball Spikebuoy Set

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      Spikeball Pro Set

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      Spikeball Spikebrite

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