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      CCM Extreme Flex 5 review goalie pads buy online canada

      Reviewing the Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Goal Set

      Bauer has raised the bar again with their all new Vapor 3X Senior Goal set, which sits as the mid-level performance model in Bauer’s new goal lineup. The 3X brings superior advancements in stability, movement, and fit versus the previous 2X models. Our expert goal team has reviewed the lineup and here are their thoughts.

      The Pads:

      All new for 2021, the Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Leg Pads builds off the successful features of the Bauer 2X we all know and love.

      The design of the 3X is unmatched. To begin, the core of the Vapor 3X pad features a Dynamic Flex core with CURV composite reinforcing the thigh rise, allowing for greater overall flex throughout the pad compared to the Supreme 3S. We feel that this addition of the CURV composite in the thigh rise gives the pad a pro-level feel with added pad shape retention. This features also aids in creating a harder rebound off the thigh, similar to that of the Hyperlite line. Finally, the Vapor 3X features the signature bauer thin, tapered design throughout the pad that helps reduce the overall weight and helps with easier butterfly closure.

      New for 2021, the Vapor 3X features a Free-Flex 110 Degree Boot that is 10 Degrees steeper than the previous Vapor pad, thus allowing the pad to sit more comfortably on the leg. Additionally, the sliding surface of the Vapor 3X features the same C.O.R. Tech PLUS material as the Hyperlite, which is a more durable material that also brings the superior sliding abilities of the Hyperlite Pro pads into the recreation price point.

      Bauer has also brought the new Stabiliflex knee block from the Hyperlite into the 3X pad. This new knee block creates a very stable landing area that will also flex with the pad just enough to prevent any restriction of movement with the more flexible core of the Vapor line. Moving down to the calf area, we found the Balance Plate Calf Pillow similar to the Hyperlite which creates a much more comfortable and stable landing area for the pad, improving the overall seal.

      The Vapor 3X also now features an updated version of the popular Tune Fit strapping with the Tune Fit 2.0, which uses strategically placed Velcro attachment points to give the best fit and performance to any type of goaltender. At the toe we found the same reliable Offset Elastic Toe System that provides the goaltender with ultimate flexibility and performance without making the pad feel too loose.

      Best of all? The Bauer Vapor 3X line is available in Intermediate and is also completely customizable. Ask one of our Goal Loft experts for details on designing and placing your custom order today!

      Next Up: The Blocker

      Much like the pads, the all-new Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Blocker builds off the successful Bauer 2X. Starting at the graphic, Bauer has created a clean and simple design to create and visually appealing unique look that draws the shooters eye.

      Next, the board of the 3X blocker features CURV Composite over top of an HD Foam board which we found helps move pucks to the corner with ease. We saw that the addition of CURV also improves the level of protection provided by the blocker while also decreasing weight.

      On the back side, the blocker features a 14.5” Connekt Palm which gives the goaltender an overall better feel of the stick. This palm design is actually brought over from their player gloves, where feel of the stick is a top priority. Finally, the new 3X blocker also features an asymmetrical aerolite cuff that keeps the blocker lightweight while maintaining a great sense of mobility.

      Shop Our Collection of Bauer Vapor 3X Hockey Goalie Equipment 

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      Bauer Senior Vapor 3X Hockey Goalie Trapper

      Shop Bauer Senior Vapor 3X Hockey Goalie Trapper Edmonton Canada Store
      Shop Bauer Senior Vapor 3X Hockey Goalie Trapper Edmonton Canada Store
      Shop Bauer Senior Vapor 3X Hockey Goalie Trapper Edmonton Canada Store
      Shop Bauer Senior Vapor 3X Hockey Goalie Trapper Edmonton Canada Store
      View Details

      Bauer Senior Vapor 3X Black Hockey Goalie Stick

      Shop Bauer Senior Vapor 3X Black Hockey Goalie Stick Edmonton Canada Store
      Shop Bauer Senior Vapor 3X Black Hockey Goalie Stick Edmonton Canada Store
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      Catcher Features

      New for 2021, the all-new Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Glove builds off the successful features of the Bauer 2X, while adding in a few extras that ramp up performance and feel. To begin, the 3X Senior Glove features a new one-piece cuff design that gives a naturally large appearance for better visual presentation to the shooter. It also features a 60 degree closure angle that we felt allowed for the goaltender’s hand to sit higher in the glove and provides a full hand closure, improving the feel over the previous 2X.

      The 3X also features a newly redesigned double-T pocket that creates a wider pocket that what was found with the single-T of the 2X, resulting in better sightlines when following the puck into the pocket.

      The back of the 3X glove features the free-flex cuff design that Bauer is famous for, along with several adjustment points that allow the goaltender to fine-tune the fit and feel of the glove to their own preferences. Another great feature is the CURV reinforced cuff that reduces weight while increasing protection. Within this cuff, the liner features Bauer’s Connekt Grip material which improves control of the glove, especially late into games when sweat can be an issue.

      Finally, the 3X glove also comes with a Game Ready palm for a broken in feel straight out of the box, meaning less break in time and more playing!

      Finally: The Stick

      Some of the biggest differences we noticed in the Bauer Vapor 3X Goal Stick is that it now features Expand Cel Construction in the paddle and AEROFOAM in the blade. These features reduce weight and improves durability over the previous Vapor X2.9. The blade also features a round toe, which creates a better feel when handling the puck.

      The shaft of the new 3X Goal Stick has also experienced some changes, and is now made with a Carbon construction and has been shortened, reducing weight and improving stick handling. Overall, we feel that the Bauer Vapor 3X stick is well balanced and offers superior control, without feeling blade heavy.

      Bauer Goalie 3x pro Pads Best Review Online Buy Edmonton Canada

      Like what you see? Come try out the Bauer 3X Senior goal set today!

      Overall, the Bauer Senior 3X line is a well designed set of goal gear that features significant upgrades and offers incredible value. The 3X has taken all of the features we know and love from previous Bauer lines, and married it with innovative technology and design. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, we encourage you to check out our demo program to take the all new Bauer 3X line out for a spin! If you're looking to get into a set, come visit us in-store or online and get started on customizing your own set of Bauer 3X Senior Vapors. 

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