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      Bauer’s New Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Gear

      The new Bauer Supreme UltraSonic hockey goalie line-up has officially arrived at United Sport & Cycle!

      Our demo testers spent some time with the new UltraSonic line and loved the stability and sliding speed of the pads, the performance of the new glove right out of the box, and the mobility of the chesty.

      Supreme UltraSonic Pads  

      Taking a closer look at the goalie pads first, the Stabilislide knee stack is a significant feature added to the Ultrasonic goalie pad. The newly designed knee stack is built right into the core of the pad, as opposed to sewn in, eliminating over- or under-rotation. This ensures the pads stay square and seal the ice better in the butterfly.

      The Tune Fit Connect Knee straps have replaced the CRS system and include a sought-after strap below the knee. This adjustable and removable strap is attached to the upper knee-tab or calf-plate.

      For younger goalies, or those seeking more lateral speed in the butterfly, Bauer added their Butterfly Assist technology. To achieve this, Bauer created an angled calf-plate which decreases contact with the ice. The new set-up also includes a removable calf-pad for added comfort.

      The core of the pad is constructed using Bauer’s Curv Composite Technology but more importantly now includes a softer boot break. This is definitely tailored to goalies who prepare for shots using a "pressing" of the ankle rather than a wider stance.

      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Hockey Goalie Pads

      Supreme UltraSonic Catcher  

      Moving on to the glove, the addition of CatchLite makes the Supreme UltraSonic glove Bauer’s most "best out of the box" fit.

      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Hockey Goalie Trapper Glove Catcher

      To achieve this, Bauer used CatchLite on the palm, upper T, and backhand. Meanwhile, the break angle and shape remains the same as its predecessor.

      Having a game-ready palm in a glove is one thing but CatchLite is more than just a supple material, it’s also more durable. Protecting the goalie is Bauer’s Curv Composite Technology—which begins in the cuff and extends into the face of the glove. The palm of the UltraSonic glove is also further reinforced with Poron XRD foam. Practice palms can be ordered with an additional 3mm of Poron foam.

      The deep double-T comes standard with skate lace but is available in nylon or a single-T through custom orders.

      Supreme UltraSonic Blocker  

      One of the most impressive features of the UltraSonic blocker is the Quattro Control Palm material, and the removal of typical excess material used in a blocker compared to a player’s palm.

      Bauer leaned on their pro and amateur customers' feedback and now offers a snugger fit.

      The improvements to the blocker also extend into the Free Flex Cuff. This molded cuff material adds mobility and aids in controlling rebounds in part to Bauer’s Curv Composite Technology on the face of the blocker.

      Bauer doesn’t compromise on protection either: they included ShockLite technology in the blocker design along with Curv Composite and Poron XRD foam.

      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Hockey Goalie Blocker

      Supreme UltraSonic Chest Protector  

      The Supreme UltraSonic chest protector is notably smaller as per NHL specs but—that being said—has considerable improvements to the overall mobility without sacrificing protection.

      Bauer has eliminated seams at the flex points with their new Amp Arm Active Motion protection and added strapping options that allow the goalie to adjust the shoulder floaters for optimal protection.

      Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Skates 

      Bauer’s latest offering in the cowlingless skate is, again, more improvements on an already great Supreme goal skate. The new UltraSonic skates are Bauer’s deepest depth and wrap. They have also added a thinner profile tongue to match the softer boot break of the pads. There is also less toe-cap dimension for better attack and the inside shoulder is lower which will create a better fit.

      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Hockey Goalie Stick

      Final Thoughts on the Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Gear Line-Up

      Bauer's UltraSonic Goalie Gear line-up includes tons of significant improvements over Bauer's previous generation of Supreme Goalie Gear.

      The highlights for us would be:
      1. The improved fit of the catcher
      2. The mobility of the chest-protector.
      3. The stability and sliding speed of the new pads, as well as the addition of the built-in knee stack to reduce under and over-rotation!

      The Goalie Loft is back open!

      So come visit us at our 7620 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton location and see the complete line-up of Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic goalie gear including the new sticks and masks.

      Our staff can also discuss custom ordering options that are right for you.