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      CCM Extreme Flex 5 review goalie pads buy online canada

      Reviewing the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro Goalie Set

      Bauer seems to know no limits when it comes to quality and innovation. They have officially launched their Vapor Hyperlite Pro Goal Set and we can confidently say that this line did not disappoint. Our expert goal team has reviewed the entire set, and here is what they had to say.

      The Pads:

      The all-new Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro Leg Pad takes many of the beloved features from the successful Bauer 2XPro. This set is visually quite appealing, and feature a clean and simple design that creates a perfect visual focus point towards the shooters eye.

      In terms of upgrades, the core of the the Vapor Hyperlite features an improved version of their C.O.R Tech ST material with the new C.O.R. Tech PLUS, which is significantly more durable than previous versions of C.O.R. Tech.

      Internally, the new Rebound Boost Core featuring a Curv Composite thigh rise gives the user a sturdy yet flexible feel, for the active goaltender who is looking for a bit more flex in their pad without sacrificing the unequalled performance you have come to expect from Bauer. At a closer glance, you will find a thin, tapered design throughout the pad that helps reduce the overall weight and helps with easier butterfly closure. Another addition in the Pro series is the Free-Flex 110 Degree Boot, which is 10 Degrees steeper than the previous Vapor pad, meaning and the pad can sit more comfortably on the leg.

      The back of the Hyperlite Pad is where the most noticeable changes from the 2XPro., which features the Stabiliflex Knee Block , which translates into a very stable landing area that will also flex with the pad just enough to prevent any restriction of movement. Moving down to the calf area,  the the Balance Plate Calf Pillow which creates a much more comfortable and stable landing area for the pad, improving overall seal and feel.

      The Vapor Hyperlite also now features an updated version of the popular Tune Fit strapping with the Tune Fit 2.0 which uses strategically placed Velcro attachment points to give the best fit and performance for any type of goaltender. At the toe you will find the same reliable Offset Elastic Toe System that provides the goaltender with ultimate flexibility and performance without the pad feeling too loose.

      Best of all, Vapor Hyperlite pads are customizable with a with a wider range of specs and more color options than ever before, and can be customized with Bauer’s True Design custom graphic options. If you're in the market for a custom pair, talk to one of our Goal Loft experts for details on placing your custom order today!

      Next Up: The Blocker

      Major Features

      The all-new Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro Blocker builds off the highly successful Bauer 2XPro, to ensure every goalie can count on their blocker to let them perform at their best.

      Starting at the graphic, Bauer went with a clean and simple design to create a unique look. Throughout the design you will see large zones that that run in different directions with a center zone that creates a perfect visual focus point with the 3 stripes that draw the shooters eye.

      The Hyperlite blocker also features a Rebound Boost Core with CURV composite which is designed to deflect rebounds out further, getting the puck away from high danger areas around the crease. On the back side of the blocker, you will find the updated 14.5” Connekt+ Palm which gives the goaltender a more controlled feel when handling their stick, similar to a player's glove. 

      Within the blocker, each finger is adjustable and features PORON for maximum protection. The new Hyperlite also features an asymmetrical aerolite cuff that keeps the blocker extremely lightweight, while still maintaining great mobility. Like the pads, the Vapor Hyperlite is also customizable with a with a wider range of specs and more color options than ever before, and can also be customized with Bauer’s True Design custom graphic options. Ask one of our Goal Loft experts for details on placing your custom order today.

      Shop Our Collection of Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Goalie Equipment 

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      Catcher Features

      The 2021 Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro Glove builds off the highly successful Bauer 2XPro to bring every goalie a reliable and elite level glove they need to perform at their best.

      The Hyperlite Glove features a new one-piece cuff design that gives a naturally large appearance for better visual presentation to the shooter. It also features a 60 degree closure angle that allows the goaltender’s hand to sit higher in the glove, thus providing a full hand closure, improving the feel over the previous 2XPro.

      Additionally, the Hyperlite also features a newly redesigned double-T pocket, meaning a wider pocket than what was found with the single-T of the 2XPro. This groundbreaking design allows for much better sightlines when following the puck into the pocket, and as a result gives the player a better ability to track the puck.

      The back of the Hyperlite glove features the free-flex cuff design that Bauer is famous for, along with several adjustment points that allow the goaltender to fine-tune the fit and feel of the glove to their own preferences. 

      The Hyperlite glove also features a CURV reinforced cuff, palm and interior with PORON which reduces weight while increasing protection from stingers. The liner of the Hyperlite glove features Bauer’s Catch grip material which improves control of the glove, especially late into games when sweat can be an issue. 

      Finally: The Stick

      Last but not least, the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Goal Stick is a work of art. First of all, it features Textreme construction with Advance Carbon Layering (ACL) Technology, which improves durability compared to the previous Aeroform 3 Core from the 2XPro. Furthermore, the shaft of the new Hyperlite Goal Stick is made of a 3K Carbon construction, which reduces it's weight and as a result, improves stick handling.

      Moving down to the handle, the Hyperlite features and all-new PentaGrip design and shape that actively works to improve grip and control. Lastly, the new Hyperlite features a rounded toe design that we think provides for a better feel when handling the puck. As a bonus, this new design has reduced the overall weight of the stick down to 595g, making it the lightest elite stick in the market.

      Bauer Goalie Hyperlite pro Pads Best Review Online Buy Edmonton Canada

      Like what you see? Come try out the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro goal set today!

      Overall, the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro has exceeded our expectations. It has taken all of the features we know and love from previous Bauer lines, and married it with innovative technology and design. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, we encourage you to check out our demo program to take the all new Bauer line out for a spin! If you're looking to get into a set, come visit us in-store or online and get started on customizing your own set of Bauer Hyperlite Pro's.

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