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      CCM Extreme Flex 5 review goalie pads buy online canada

      Reviewing the CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Goalie Line

      New in 2021, CCM has released their newest iteration of the Extreme Flex line of hockey goalie equipment. Our expert goal team has given the eFlex 5 pads, blocker, and trapper a complete review, and here’s what we’ve found. 

      First Off - Let's talk about the Pads

      Starting with the pads, CCM’s new line-up brings key revisions and innovative new technology to the eFlex line that we already know and love.

      Eye-Catching Design

      The first thing we noticed was the graphics of the new Extreme Flex 5 Pro line: CCM’s new eFlex 5 goalie pad customizer offers a huge range of options to achieve a unique design that can be as simple or complex as you want. One of the new graphics features that stood out to us the most? Well, that would have to be the colour zones in the top inner and lower outer zones—with CCM’s new UV Printed zones. From a visual standpoint, this separates CCM from any other brand.

      Molded Knee Roll

      Another new feature exclusive to the CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro line is the all-new Molded Knee Roll. This new feature creates a noticeable improvement in stability throughout the knee area of the pad and helps control rebounds even better than before thanks to their new flat design. Internally, the pad also features Dual1teCore Technology—a stiff thigh rise that creates a better, more consistent seal along the ice, and a torsional flex in the lower half of the pad that creates a soft, flexible boot area.

      Control Rebound Technology

      The face of the new eFlex 5 pad also has CCM’s new Control Rebound Technology—a soft material designed to dampen rebounds even better than before. This really allows you to take more complete control during tight plays. CCM has also updated the sliding surface of the pad with an HD Raised Inner Edge. We’ve already found, in demoing it, that it provides a better seal with the ice and better stability than previous generations. This, along with CCM’s proprietary SpeedSkin technology (found throughout the entire pad), allows you to have more faster cross-crease movements, giving you more speed in the crease.

      Leg Channel

      Looking at the leg channel, the eFlex 5’s goalie pads new design adds more durability and design option to this part of the pad. The eFlex 5 line also sees the return of CCM’s beloved Quick Motion strap. This strap promotes a more responsive connection between the goalie and their pad—and we love that it can be quickly and easily adjusted! Finally, the pad also features CCM’s 3D Molded Knee Landing. If you’re like us, you’ll really appreciate the extra comfort and stability it gives you when you’re dropping into butterfly.

      Next: The Glove


      Starting off with the face and graphic of the CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Goalie Glove, CCM has designed the face of the glove to have a large pocket area that seamlessly transitions into the newly designed one-piece cuff. The new eFlex 5 glove also features changes to the previous 600 break design.

      This improves closure and makes the glove easier to break-in. It also allows for a larger visual presentation with the help of the wide double T pocket. The glove’s graphics themselves feature long striped designs that run vertically through to the pocket of the glove, creating a larger visual appearance.

      The Palm

      On to the palm, the Extreme Flex 5 has a game-ready feel: the D3O Smart Material through the palm helps deliver high-performance impact protection. D3O is an energy-absorbing material used for shock and impact absorption, and it really helps to prevent stingers in the palm and fingers

      Flex Motion Cuff

      Finally, one of the bigger changes we noticed on this glove is the newly designed Flex Motion cuff and backhand. This new design features mobility-based molded protection along the back hand with a new articulating cuff for a much fuller range of motion.

      Shop Our Collection of CCM eFlex 5 Goalie Equipment 

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      Now the Blocker

      The graphic of the CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Goalie Blocker features two UV printed zones at the corners of the blocker, giving the blocker a unique look. The design also features several diagonal stripe zones that go throughout the blocker to mimic the pad design and create a taller visual look that you can make as simple or complex as you want.

      Notable Features

      The blocker board features a heat-laminated dual-density foam with a PE board which creates a thinner profile design with maximum rebound control to help direct pucks safely away from danger. Along the inner side of the blocker, an X-Stiff sidewall with straight finger protection creates a solid feel that provides you with high impact protection while still offering more mobility when holding the stick.

      The centered palm position of the eFlex 5 blocker also helps create a well-balanced feel.

      On the back side of the blocker—same as with the glove—you will find the newly designed Flex Motion Cuff that offers amplified mobility with a customizable fit and range of motion.

      The Palm

      The palm of the blocker—again like the glove—features D3O Smart Material. This energy absorbing D30 material is even wrapped around the index finger, providing added protection from impacts. The palm is made up of multiple layers of reinforced Nash material and Sure-Grip material, which gives the blocker a comfortable feel and a great level of durability.

      eFlex CCM Goalie Pads Best Review Online Buy Edmonton Canada

      Interested? Come try out CCM eFlex 5 Pro Goalie Equipment today!

      Overall, we feel that a lot of goalies are going to end up really liking the new CCM eFlex 5 line-up & making it their go to. Their patented technology paired with the eye caching appeal and all new features is a combination that is hard to beat. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, we encourage you to check out our demo program to take the eFlex out for a spin! If you're looking to get into a set, come visit us in-store or online and get started on customizing your own set of CCM eFlex 5s.

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