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      Bauer’s New Nexus ADV Hockey Stick – Product Review

      So, we’ve just unboxed the new, limited edition Bauer Nexus ADV hockey stick here at both of our stores today and this thing is unreal!

      We’ve gotten a chance to take a few shots with the new Nexus ADV stick now, and everyone who touches this hockey stick is amazed at how well it performs.

      Sometimes these special release sticks are disappointing in that they’re just tiny, incremental improvements over past versions, but this stick is truly a whole new invention.

      Some of the highlights – This hockey stick is crazy light

      First off, at just 365 grams this is the lightest Nexus hockey stick that Bauer has ever come out with.

      Anything under 400 grams is already impressive, but at 365 grams, this is among the top 3 lightest sticks on the market (after the Warrior Fantom QRE & the Sher-Wood Rekker M90). You have to come in and feel how light this new stick is!

      To make sure they haven’t sacrificed any strength or durability in the shaft, Bauer used their new ER spine design on this stick—which is essentially a 5-sided shaft that lets them use fewer carbon layers than a 4-sided shaft, without sacrificing strength.

      This mid-kick stick has a concave-convex shaft and—upon trying it—it is noticeable how the 5-sided shaft fits better into the palm of your hand, and is easier to grip, than a 4-sided shaft. This hockey stick fits your hand like an absolute glove.

      So, those 2 improvements and benefits already make this new Nexus ADV stick remarkable. But to top it off—and what everyone here in the store is talking about—is the blade!

      The Blade Has a Hole In It?

      Yeah, that is right: there is a big hole in the middle of the blade!

      Now, we admit that we were skeptical at first. To be honest, it initially reminded us of Reebok’s O-stick from over a decade ago. For those that don’t remember, the O-Stick had holes in the shaft to “improve the performance,” but it was a little bit gimmicky, never really worked, or caught on.

      But—unlike the O-Stick—there is some solid science behind the hole in the blade of the Bauer Nexus ADV.

      So, first off, Bauer Hockey is calling this new invention “the Slingtech blade” and the hole essentially functions as a hinge point, in that the bottom of the blade can move somewhat independently of the top part of the blade.

      The top part and bottom part of the blade are also made of 2 completely different materials. The top of the blade is rigid, while the bottom of the blade is flexible. This flexible bottom can catch and absorb hard passes and—when you’re shooting it—it ends up slingshotting your shot and gives your shot extra acceleration.

      How Does Bauer Nexus ADV Hockey Stick Handle?

      Like kids on Christmas, we all woke up extra early to come to work and test out the new stick first thing this morning. We unboxed it before the store opened, took it for a test ride, and this new stick is pretty nuts.

      We found that the blade catches passes with no problem, it’s super easy to load, and our shots just fly off the blade.

      A couple of our staff went back to shooting with their regular hockey sticks after testing out the new Nexus ADV, and then all started laughing because their regular sticks now felt clunky compared to the new stick. So there are at least a few of us now who are convinced that we need to switch to this new stick now.

      Wait, so How Do You Tape the Blade?

      Bauer says you can use hockey tape on this blade the same way as you would a normal blade and it won’t affect the Slingtech performance at all.

      But honestly—if you’re anything like us—you’ll probably want to show off your wicked looking blade to everyone else on the ice, so you might tape your stick a bit differently, just to show it off

      How Strong is it Though?

      Bauer really thought of everything with this new Slingtech blade.

      The top of the blade, the edges of the hole, and ALL the outside edges of the blade are made with a stiffer, more rigid material than the rest of the blade. So the blade is flexible in all the right places and rigid in all the right places, and it feels durable. This stick is solid!

      Final Thoughts on the Nexus ADV Hockey Stick

      We wouldn’t be surprised if this type of 2-different-materials, hinged blade becomes the new standard.

      There have already been a bunch of NHL players spotted playing with the Nexus ADV this week and we can see other companies copying Bauer’s technology here and coming out with their own versions of the Nexus ADV stick (unless the NHL comes out and makes a rule against these types of sticks).

      Until this hinged blade becomes mainstream though, this Nexus ADV stick is limited-edition.

      We’ve only got a limited quantity of these in-store, so come and get yours before they’re all gone! Once these things are gone, they’re gone, so hurry in today!