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      Bauer’s New Supreme UltraSonic Skates and their New Performance Fit System - Review

      Bauer's new Supreme UltraSonic Hockey Skates are officially out, and we're pumped!

      First off, their new Performance Fit System (see video above), means that you can get a Supreme Skate that fits you, no matter what the width, length, and in-step height and length of your foot is.

      In the past, a lot of hockey players coming into our store and wanting a Supreme skate simply couldn't get one because of their foot size. This is all a problem of the past now.

      The 3 Fit Profiles breakdown as follows:

      • Fit 1: Low volume, narrow width 
      • Fit 2: Medium volume, medium width 
      • Fit 3: High volume, wide width

      The key benefit with this new Performance Fit System is that it eliminates excess volume (empty space in the skate)—leading to a skate that fits like a glove and that is lighter-weight than ever before!

      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Ice Hockey Skate Shop Edmonton Canada Fit 1
      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Ice Hockey Skate Shop Edmonton Canada Fit 2
      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Ice Hockey Skate Shop Edmonton Canada Fit 3

      If you're not sure what type of foot you have, come visit us at our Main Store, and we'll scan your foot and let you know which fit is going to be perfect for your unique foot shape!

      But now, let's talk about the exciting features of the new UltraSonic Skate:

      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Ice Hockey Skate Shop Edmonton Canada New LS Pulse TI Blade

      The New LS Pulse TI Blade

      First, look at that steel! On top of looking unreal, the Tuuk LS Pulse TI steel is Bauer's newest and highest performing  skate blade.

      The blade has a titanium coating to give it better edge retention, and it also has Bauer's Power Profile geometry to help you reach higher top speeds than ever before, faster than ever before.

      Oh, and it's super good looking.

      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Ice Hockey Skate Shop Edmonton Canada Reflex Tendon Guard & Tongue

      Reflex Tendon Guard

      The Reflex Tendon Guard and the Reflex Pro tongue are going to be the key selling point for a lot of our customers!

      With this new technology, Bauer's managed to drastically improve the range of motion that is possible in a pair of skates. More impressively, they've done it without sacrificing support, stability, or protection.

      Once you come into our store, and put your hands on the tendon guards and tongues, and feel how strong they are and how they move, you'll understand why so many players are going to be upgrading to the Bauer Supreme UltraSonic skates this season.

      For the player looking for more straight-line speed, the new Reflex technology that Bauer has incorporated into the Supreme UltraSonic skates is going to help increase their stride length and power generation drastically!

      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Ice Hockey Skates Shop Edmonton Canada Carbon Curv Composite Construction

      Protection From Stingers

      If you've ever taken a puck to the skate (and who hasn't?), you know how much it hurts.

      Well, the last big upgrade that the Supreme Ultrasonic skates come with is their 3D Lasted Carbon Curv composite construction.

      Not only does this ultra-stiff, ultra-light material allow you to transfer the maximum amount of power onto the ice, but it's going to protect your feet like nothing else when you're blocking those hard slapshots! 100%, sign us up!

      Don't let a puck to the boot hobble or injure you this season! Get this skate today!

      Final Thoughts on the Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Hockey Skates

      As always, Bauer does not disappoint with their relentless investment in research and new technology.

      If you're in the market for some new hockey skates, the Supreme UltraSonics are definitely worth your consideration.

      And, even if you're not actively thinking of getting new skates: they're worth a look!

      The thing is, if your skates are even a couple of years old, the Supreme UltraSonics offer substantial improvements over previous generations of hockey skates including: better power transfer, better speed, less weight, more range of motion, and more protection when blocking shots. No matter what level you play at, stepping into these skates is going to step up your level of performance.

      Plus, they look amazing!

      Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Ice Hockey Skates Shop Edmonton Canada