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      Shop CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Ice Hockey Stick Banner Image Edmonton Canada

      CCM's New JetSpeed FT3 Pro Hockey Stick is Here!

      The CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro is the hockey stick for the player who wants to be able to shoot from anywhere.

      Lightning fast wristshots, or powerful slapshots—you name it, this superb stick can do it all.

      The secret? The FT3’s hybrid kickpoint—a stiff flex zone sandwiched between two softer flex zones. This hybrid design creates a “hinge effect” that allows you to transfer more power and fully load the shaft. It also eliminates any twisting during your shots, so that your pucks stay accurate and on target.

      Shop CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Ice Hockey Stick Hybrid Kickpoint Edmonton Canada
      Shop CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Ice Hockey Stick Nanolite Carbon Layering Edmonton Canada

      Just 375 grams

      Weighing in at just 375g at 60", the CCM FT3 JetSpeed Pro hockey stick features CCM’s new Nanolite carbon layering. This new way of assembling the stick’s carbon layers allows for an incredibly strong hockey stick that's lighter than ever before!

      And why 60"? Because the standard FT3 JetSpeed Pro stick comes in at 62", 2 inches longer than many comparable sticks.

      If you're a taller player, these extra few inches are great news.

      And if 62" inch is too long of a stick for you, we can always trim it down! Just keep in mind that cutting your hockey stick down will increase its flex number.

      Shop CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Ice Hockey Stick Blade Edmonton Canada
      Shop CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Ice Hockey Stick Shaft Edmonton Canada

      P90TM Blade Curve

      Like its predecessor, the FT2, the FT3 features the ergonomic R-round shaft geometry so that it fits perfectly into your hands. And the stiff FT3 blade comes in several different curve options (see bottom of page).

      Most notably is the P90TM (Jonathan Tavares), which is a combination of the features of the P28 (Connor McDavid) and the P29 (Sidney Crosby). With a modified toe, max height, and a lower lie, the P90TM is the curve for players looking for an edge in face-offs or wanting to tip pucks in the air.

      Best of all, this wicked-looking, opponent-intimidating stick is designed in Canada and is available online or in-store today!

      Shop CCM FT2 and JetSpeed FT3 Pro Ice Hockey Stick Edmonton Canada

      The styling of the CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Hockey Stick (top), compared to the previous generation CCM JetSpeed FT2 (bottom).

      Shop CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Ice Hockey Stick Blade Curve Chart Edmonton Canada