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      CCM's New Ribcor Trigger 5 Stick - CCM's Lightest Stick Ever - Product Review

      When it comes to hockey equipment, lighter is simply better. Be it skates, protective, or sticks, we're always looking to shed weight wherever we can.

      Here's where the good news starts (and trust it, it keeps going). The Ribcor Trigger 5 Pro Weighs in at just 365 grams, making it CCM's lightest stick. Ever.

      All too often, however, lighter means less durable. Sure, you can spend a good chunk of change on the lightest stick on the market, but you may be left wondering "is this thing going to break on my first shift?"

      Well, the all-new CCM Trigger 5 stick is actually equally or even more durable than the Trigger 4. This stick fulfills our wildest hockey fantasies, performs like dream, and does a pretty great job of holding up while doing it.

      CCM Ribcor Trigger 5 Pro Nanolite Carbon Layering Ice Hockey Stick Shop Edmonton Canada

      New tech is PACKED into this stick

      We'll get to the durability shortly, but it would be all-for-none without all the other new tech that CCM has packed into this stick. It's really no wonder NHL'ers such as Nathan Mackinnon, Alex Ovechkin, and Sidney Crosby all use Ribcor series sticks.

      CCM's Ribcor Trigger 5 hockey stick utilizes an asymmetrical shaft taper, which progresses as you move down the shaft, which maximizes loading and release. The increased accuracy produced by this design is insane.

      Top of Shaft: Concave on front and back
      Middle of Shaft: Concave on front, flat back
      Bottom of Shaft: Concave on front, convex on back

      The low kickpoint paired with CCM's agility blade produces a wicked release and a super soft feel through the heel and mid of the blade, so you can cradle passes and handle the puck as if it were a cloud. The toe of the blade has been stiffened up so you can fire missiles... just don't dome your goalie with one in warmups, please (or do if you don't like them).   

      CCM Ribcor Trigger 5 Pro Ice Hockey Stick Shop Edmonton Canada

      Now for the NANOLITE

      CCM's Nanolite technology has taken this stick to a whole new level.

      Carbon fibre is layered in a complex pattern, in thinner layers, ensuring an extremely durable design with as few materials used as possible. Now, all those features we mentioned above can be enjoyed in a hockey stick that is 29 grams lighter than the previous edition. 

      29 grams may not seem like much (fun fact: that's equivalent to 29 paper clips!), but—when we did a side-by-side comparison of the new Trigger 5 and its predecessor, the Trigger 4—it was like night and day.

      Don't believe it? Come on down to our artificial ice shooting lanes at United Sport & Cycle and feel it for yourself. You'll be surprised!

      CCM Ribcor Trigger 5 Pro Ice Hockey Stick Shop Edmonton Canada

      Curve and flex options for the Ribcor Trigger 5

      CCM's Ribcor Trigger 5 is available in 3 different curve options, each of which is available in junior, intermediate, and senior flex's (ranging from 40 flex to 95 flex).

      Which blade is best for you? Well, that's a personal preference, but here's where each of them shines:

      Connor McDavid - Great for toe drags and hitting top shelf
      Sidney Crosby - All-in-one. Accurate passing, good control and a hard shot
      Alex Ovechkin - Good for stickhandling and controlling shots

      Which flex is best for you? While still a personal preference, choosing the correct flex is critical to ensure the player can properly load their hockey stick, for the best possible shot. Luckily, CCM has developed a chart to guide players to the correct flex, using two criteria: weight and height.

      CCM Ribcor Trigger 5 Pro Flex Chart Nanolite Carbon Layering Ice Hockey Stick Shop Edmonton Canada

      Shop like a pro at United Sport & Cycle

      Come see the experts at United Sport & Cycle and shop like a pro this hockey season. We’ve got the latest technology, the best staff in the industry and above-and-beyond pandemic protocols to ensure your safety while you shop.

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