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      The Best, Top 5 NHL Reverse Retro Hockey Jerseys

      You may have heard a thing or two about the NHL's all new Reverse Retro jersey collection.

      The number one question we've had here at United Sport & Cycle in the past few months is, "When are you guys getting them in?" Well, we can now tell you that Reverse Retro jerseys from all 31 teams are now available!

      Additionally, we have the following player jerseys available at launch:

      Don't see the player you're interested in? We have custom NHL hockey jersey cresting available for all 31 teams, too! The deadline to guarantee cresting delivery before Christmas is Sunday, December 13th. Cresting will be available as an add-on item to your blank jersey, on our website!

      And now, our "indisputable" top 5 ranking of the best Reverse Retro Jerseys.

      AJ, from our Goalie Loft, and Jacob, one of our hockey content producers, put them all to the test, and each came up with their top 5 favourites! What do you think? Do you agree? Check out their selections, and photos of each below! 

      #4 of The Best, Top 5 Reverse Retro NHL Jerseys

      #5 Calgary Flames

      Let's get things straight... I hate the Flames as much as the next guy in Edmonton, but I just can't hate on Ol' Blasty! After all, Jarome Iginla was the most prominent Flame to dawn the jersey and he is from Edmonton.

      This jersey was originally in the Flames rotation between 1998-2002, a period of time in which the team did not qualify for the playoffs once. Now that the flames are a prolific threat in the Pacific division, these Reverse Retro jerseys are sure to be a hit amongst fans across the country.

      Blanks and Matthew Tkachuk editions will be available in-store and online, in adult and youth sizes.

      #5 Carolina Hurricanes

      Who doesn't love the Hartford Whalers?

      The Hurricanes have had a Whalers style jersey for a couple of years now, but this Reverse Retro iteration is a bit different. By tying the grey colourway with the Whalers blue and green, this jersey stands out more than ever. 

      The Whalers joined the NHL as an expansion WHA team in 1979, the same year as the Oilers, and were moved to Carolina in 1997.

      These jerseys will be extremely limited, so act fast on launch day if you want one!

      #4 of The Best, Top 5 NHL Reverse Retro Hockey Jerseys

      #4 Edmonton Oilers

      Though a familiar design to Oilers jerseys of recency, the new colour scheme (a throwback to the Oilers WHA days) is a welcome addition to the team's rotation of threads.

      If we're being honest, a design replicating the MacFarlane jerseys of the mid 2000's probably would have been number one on our list.

      But, beggars can't be choosers and when it comes down to it, these Reverse Retro jerseys are a vast improvement over the Oilers current colour scheme. The revert back to royal blue and a less "tangeriney" orange is miles better than the current navy colour scheme.

      In an ideal world, these jerseys would become the Oilers full-time away jersey, with the classic royal blue jersey once again becoming their full-time homes.

      #4 Calgary Flames

      The Flames original Blasty jersey from 2 decades ago may have had a little bit too much red in it. Something about the colourway just didn't feel right, which is probably why the jersey was quickly retired.

      The reimagined Reverse Retro edition, however, is a different story. 

      By removing the copious amount of red at the base of the jersey and adding some sharp complimentary lines in it's place, the jersey instantly works a thousand times better.

      Here at United, we're super excited to see it on Flames defenceman Mark Giordano (as McDavid blows by him) and goaltender Jacob Markstrom (as Nugent Hopkins goes low blocker). It might even look good on Matthew Tkachuk, though we won't be able to see the Blasty logo while he's in fetal position...

      #3 of The Best, Top 5 NHL Reverse Retro Hockey Jerseys

      #3 Montreal Canadiens

      In a way, this is actually my favourite jersey of them all.

      I don't think many teams have a colour combination as perfect as the Canadiens and lo and behold, the inverse colours work fantastically, too.

      The 1974-2007 Canadiens jersey, which inspired this Reverse Retro thread, saw the Canadiens win the Stanley Cup SIX times. I'd venture a guess that no other team can say that their reverse retro has the same sort of history.

      On launch day, we're getting in some blanks as well as some gorgeous Carey Price jerseys. If you're a Habs fan, you'll want to get your hands on this limited-edition piece of Canadiens history.

      33 Colorado Avalanche

      The Avalanche's reverse retro jersey hits a soft spot amongst all Canadians. 

      Really, anytime you throw a Nordiques logo on something, the sentiment alone is going to make it a popular item.

      We hope to see the Avs wearing these jerseys as frequently as possible. Though there likely won't be any fans in the stands for the foreseeable future, we're sure they'll look great on TV, too.

      #2 of The Best, Top 5 NHL Reverse Retro Hockey Jerseys

      #2 Pittsburgh Penguins

      I know, this is probably an unexpected number two choice, but hear me out...

      The year is 1996. Mario Lemieux has just put up his 161st point of the season (his most in the previous 8 years), wearing one of the most iconic hockey jerseys of that time period. You're about to head out for a Saturday night at the movies, where you'll be seeing the debut Mission: Impossible film. The ticket will cost you $4.42. Life is good.

      You know when life will also be good? 2021 (which we're sure will be better than 2020), when Sidney Crosby is sure to score a handful of highlight-reel goals in the new Reverse Retro Penguins jersey.

      Now stop daydreaming, because my number one pick is coming up next.

      #2 Washington Capitals

      On January 16, 2006, Alex Ovechkin scored one of the most memorable goals in hockey history. The only thing nicer than the goal itself may have been the glorious eagle crest on Ovi's chest, as he slid on his back and wrapped the puck over his head and into the back of the net.

      2006 wasn't the first time you could find this logo on a Caps jersey. In fact, the jersey existed in some capacity between 1995 and 2007 and was worn by Capitals great's such as Olaf Kölzig and Peter Bondra.

      As Ovechkin hunts down Wayne Gretzky's all-time NHL goals record, he'll be able to do it wearing a jersey that ranks up there with the best of the 21st century.

      #1 of The Best, Top 5 NHL Reverse Retro Hockey Jerseys

      #1 Colorado Avalanche

      I'm going to keep this short and sweet... There is no disputing the fact that Colorado's Reverse Retro jersey is the nicest of them all.

      As they say in boxing, this jersey is the "undisputed champion of the world". Is that phrase trademarked? We'll leave it in quotations, just in case.

      Anyways, back to the jersey... and yeah, it's a Norqidues jersey. That's it. That's the tweet. Do I really need to justify why I have it at #1 any more?

      #1 Arizona Coyotes

      When you think of this jersey, you think of Shane Doan. You may think "These used to be an absolute monstrosity, but somehow, they've made them just the opposite."

      We can all agree that the NHL needs more purple. Sure, the Kings have on-and-off had that purple third jersey, but that just isn't enough purple!

      In the NFL, the Ravens and the Vikings both wear purple, and now we have two NHL teams with purple threads, as well.

      The colourway demands a certain attention. It exemplifies a certain showmanship. And most of all, it looks absolutely fantastic on television where, coincidentally, we will likely be watching the entire 2021 NHL season.

      Hey! You made it all the way to the bottom! Talk about slacking off at the office...

      Okay, now go get yours before they sell out!