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      Shop outdoor basketball systems online the beast spalding edmonton canada

      Why "The Beast" Basketball System is the Best on the Market!

      Having a reliable outdoor hoop set-up is an absolute must for any young aspiring basketball player. Plus, having the ability to get shots up any time of day at the convenience of your own place can make a huge difference in off season development, not to mention is a great way to stay entertained! If you're looking for the best hoop on the market to take your game to the next level, then you will want to be getting "The Beast" by Spalding. This outdoor basketball system is the only of it's kind, and offers superior features, quality, and professional grade feel. 

      What makes it so Special?

      So what really sets "The Beast" apart from other basketball systems? Well to begin, The Spalding Beast is a fully portable hoop, meaning you can set it up anywhere and move it around with no cementing or securing necessary. Most portable hoops of this nature end up being somewhat flimsy or unstable, but not The Beast! This system offers the stability of an in-ground system with it's 55 litre weighted base and two-piece square steel pole, meaning less rattling and an all around better shooting experience.

      Next, The Beast's backboard is constructed of glass and is a a whopping 60 inches wide! For context, most other outdoor hoop systems range between 50 and 54 inches, giving the shooter significantly less room to work with when it comes to bank shots. Additionally, the glass construction gives The Beast a professional feel like you would experience when shooting in an actual gym!

      The Spalding rim is sturdy enough to handle dunks and drives, but also isn't double reinforced like a lot of outdoor hoops that send your rebound flying across the court every time. The rim setup of this unit is the perfect balance between sturdy and forgiving, giving shooters an incredibly game-like experience when getting reps in. 

      Finally, The Beast can be adjusted from 7.5 feet to the league-standard 10 feet, making it friendly for all ages, and all driveway dunk competitions. This unit also features wheels on its base meaning you can roll it p and down the driveway and street without having to tip it back.

      Overall, The Beast by Spalding combines all of the best features of an indoor hoop and in-ground unit, with the versatility of a portable outdoor hoop! There is no other basketball system on the market currently with these sort of features, putting The Beast in a league of it's own. 

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      Our Takeaway

      Overall, The Beast by Spalding is the highest quality outdoor basketball system on the market right now. It offers the closest feeling to shooting in a professional facility you can get without going indoors, which is a massive asset for any developing basketball player looking to get the right feel. If you or your family members are looking to step up their game and take things to the next level, then The Beast is the right choice for you.

      If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these, or any other basketball systems, you can check out the collection on our website, or visit our Edmonton store! The best part? We offer FREE delivery anywhere in the Edmonton and surrounding area, meaning no heavy loading or lifting, or need for a truck for any of our buyers. 

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      Shop outdoor basketball systems online the beast spalding edmonton canada