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      49N Kids 24" BMX & Disc (Freewheel/Nutted) Alloy Clincher Front Wheel

      • Alex Y303 pinned construction singlewall rim with generous 24mm internal width & ground sidewall (anodized black for clean looks when used with disc brakes)
      • Joytech 6-Bolt disc nutted alloy hubs w/ serviceable cup and cone bearings
      • Anodized brake track for clean looks when used with a disc brakes
      • Screw-on freewheel fitting (7/8/9/10sp compatible)
      • Plain gauge 14G/2.0mm Stainless Steel spokes (black) w/ 12mm brass nipples (silver)
      • 36H/3X lacing
      • Schrader drilling
      • Axle nuts & high-pressure rim tape included
      • Colour: Black