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      Progression 60" Chrome Olympic Bar (350 lb-30 mm)

      Wide Grip. Heavy Weight.

      This 5' Olympic bar is a 36lb bench press bar that you can use for squats, lunges, etc. It's great for beginners, people with a narrow grip or workout areas with limited space. Olympic bars are compatible with plates that have a 2" or Olympic hole size.

      Clips/Collars are sold separately.


      • Bar weight: 36 lbs
      • Bar Length: 60”/5’
      • Material: Solid Steel
      • Loadable Sleeve Length: 12”
      • Sleeve Diameter: 2”
      • Grip Diameter: 30 mm
      • Center Knurl: No
      • Bushing or Bearing: Bushing
      • Clips/Collars: No
      • Max weight Capacity: 771 lbs / 350 kgs
      • Other: Split Sleeve replaces Bolt Sleeve so there is no loosening or detaching