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      Bunnock (Game of Bones) Deluxe Set

      A Deluxe or full set of 52 Bunnock bones and Bunnock sports bag.

      Bunnock is a fun game that can be played by two to eight players or more.

      The game was first played by Russian/German soldiers posted in Siberia in the late 1800's with real horse ankle bones. Brought to Canada in the early 1900's played as a farmyard pass time in Saskatchewan. Now made out of resin.

      Two rows of 22 bones are set up about 10 Meters (32 feet 10 inches) apart with one guard at either end 40cm (16" ) apart as shown above.  The object of the game is to first knock down the guards (Black Bones) then the inside soldiers (White Bones) before the other Team. Each player Throwing two bones each with the first Team to Throw to be decided by a coin toss.  The first Team to knock down their oppositions Bunnock with the least amount of Throws will win the game.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Shane Megoran
      Bunnock Game

      Game was as advertised which at the price point was expected. Site offered free shipping within the province (AB) but yet charged $20 for shipping? This is not an over sized or heavy item??

      Andrew Robin
      Excellent Service

      Easy to order on-line and delivered as promised

      Levi Ramsay
      Professional business through & through

      It was a fast and easy encounter ordering online. The product is of high quality and professional grade. Researched the internet can across United Sport & Cycle I called the business they were professional and finished my order online hassle free

      Cathy Wasylyshyn
      Bunnock Deluxe Set

      Ordering was simple and delivery very fast! The game is a gift for some who loves to play Bunnock.


      Where are the instructions?