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      XLab Delta Sonic ML Wing

      • Highly adjustable to your saddle position and riding style
      • Tucks neatly behind to streamline rear drag into clean airflow
      • Sturdy design eliminates irritating bounce and sway
      • GORILLA 10lbs cage grip (approx) holds securely onto bottles
      • To hold repair kit use XLAB MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER or XLAB AERO POUCH 300

      Highly Compatible to Suit Various Saddle Positions

      • Whether your saddle is positioned far forward or back, the DELTA SONIC ML has 3.25” (82.5mm) of adjustability to suit most riding styles

      Aerodynamic Location

      • Bottle tucks in closely behind the saddle, hiding in the rider’s draft to produce a clean airflow
      • Designed in conjunction with Cervelo wind tunnel tests

      Reliable, Sturdy Design

      • Strong, stainless steel mount eliminates swaying and bouncing
      • On bumpy courses, your bike can produce a seesaw effect, easily ejecting loosely-held bottles. XLAB’s highly regarded GORILLA CAGE is designed with tall sides and superior 10lbs bottle grip (approx), coupled with a flared design making bottle insertion/removal easy
      • Innovative VEE CLAMP locks mounting rod in place while reinforcing seat post support

      There are two storage options available for the DELTA SONIC ML, the AERO POUCH 300 or the MULTI-STRIKE. XLAB does not recommend that the two storage options be used together due to the additional weight load on the rear carrier's mount.