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      These bikes are ideal for your under 6 year old who is between 3'3" & 3'8" tall. They are probably learning to navigate through training wheels and may be looking to step up to the challenge of riding a 2-wheeler, we're here to help you!

      When to Ditch the Training Wheels?

      Every child is different and knowing when it's time to take the training wheels off really differs between children. But some of the following signs may indicate that your little one is ready for the next step!

      If they are ripping through the streets and you find their training wheels are getting in the way it might be time. If you find that your child is riding pretty balanced, you might want to start to think about it -- you can easily check out their balance by watching them ride form behind, and observing how often they are actually relying on their training wheel for balance.

      Our favourite tip for taking off the training wheels: is to just do it!
      Chances are you are just as afraid as they are, so take it slow. Start by removing a single training wheel, and be patient as your child navigates balancing on their bike.