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City Bikes

Whether you need a bike to help you stay fit and active, or you just want something comfortable to ride around the town— we've got a city bike made for the way you ride. You're set for paved roads as well as light trails with a city bike. So get out, get rolling, and see your city!

Is a City Bike Right for you?

Are you a casual rider?
Are you a rider who wants to get from A to B in style?
Are you interested in keeping your clothing clean while biking?
Are you looking for a bike for errands and commuting?
Will you be riding strictly on paved sidewalks or roads?
Are you interested in riding comfortably?

City bikes are perfect for the everyday individual. From short commutes to and from the grocery store, to paved pathways around the city -- you're set for adventure with a city bike. The perfect mix of style and function can be found in a city bike!


- Comfortable geometry
- Suitable for paved streets or paths
- Good for short commuting
- Often features multiple mounting options for baskets, racks, lights, fenders, and other accessories
- Built for leisurely rides around the town

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- Slightly wider 26-inch tires than other pavement bikes
- A comfortable seat
- Relaxed sitting position for added comfort
- Some include internally geared rear hubs for easy maintenance Built for storage— laid back and convenient design
- Usually include fenders and guards to help protect your clothing

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- Typically lighter weight than mountain bikes
- Better rolling efficiency
- More suited for mounting fenders, racks, trailers, etc.
- Great for road rides— not built for off road riding
- Perfect if you value comfort while riding— less aggressive ride position
- Ideal for a casual rider who is not interested in competitive riding

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