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      eBike (Electric Bike) Rebate Program Application 

      The City of Edmonton has announced a rebate program for eligible eBikes purchased after June 3, 2020.

      This means that you can get up 30% off the pre-tax purchase price of your eBike, up to a maximum of $750!

      Eligible eBikes must be:

      To apply for your rebate: 

      • You must be able to prove you are a resident of Edmonton (driver’s license, utility bill, etc).  
      • You must be able to produce your eBike receipt showing your line-by-line purchase price and date of purchase.
      • You must apply within 60 days of purchasing your eBike (we encourage you to apply immediately after purchasing your eBike, as the number of rebates given in 2020 will be limited).  

      Rebates are limited to 1 eBike per household.