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      Bike Pick Up Shop Edmonton Canada Store

      United Sport & Cycle was voted Edmonton's favourite bike store! We take great care and pride in our work, particularly with bike servicing and tune ups. Thanks for your votes, and we look forward to a great bike season!

      Bike Tune Up Packages

      We are one of Edmonton's oldest and most trusted bike service and repair shops. We've been in bikes since 1928, and we are a true one stop shop for everything about cycling. You can get a free inspection, book service packages or do one-off repairs. We work on all bike types including electric bikes (e-bikes). Trust us to treat your bike right!

      Safety Inspection



      • Full safety inspecton and frame check for damage
      • Adjust gears and brakes
      • Lube chain
      • Check and inflate tires to spec
      • Torque bolts

      Level 1
      Basic Maintenance



      • Bike wipe down and lube
      • Front and rear brake adjustment
      • Front and rear gear adjustment
      • Front and rear hub adjustment
      • Wheel true (up to 2 spokes replace)
      • Flat repair (excludes tubeless)
      • Headset adjustment
      • Torque bolts
      • Bottom Bracket Adjustment

      *Includes installs of tires, tubes, brake pads and cables.

      Level 2
      Full Bike Tune Up


      Most Popular Service

      • Full bike wash and lube
      • Front and rear brake service
      • Front and rear gear service
      • Front and rear hub service
      • Wheel true (up to 4 spokes replaced)
      • Flat repair (excludes tubeless)
      • Headset service
      • Torque bolts
      • Bottom Bracket service
      • Full removal, cleaning and lube of drivetrain
      • Parts and accessory install

      * Includes installation of wheels, wheel bearings, cables, housing, cassettes, chains, bottom bracket and crank.

      Level 3
      Premium Tune Up



      • Full bike wash and lube
      • Front and rear brake service
      • Front and rear gear service
      • Front and rear hub service
      • Wheel true (up to 4 spokes replaced)
      • Flat repair (includes tubeless)
      • Headset overhaul/install
      • Chain, casseette and crankset install
      • Front and rear brake bleed
      • Bottom bracket service
      • Fork service of lowers
      • Rear shock air-can service
      • Linkage overhaul

      *Includes installation of bearings and suspension parts.

      Ready to Get Started?

      Drop Your Bike Off

      There's no appointment necessary. Just bring your bike to the drop-off zone behind the store during business hours.

      7620 Gateway Blvd NW.
      Edmonton, AB, T6E 4Z8

      Get a Free Estimate

      Before starting any work, we will perform a free inspection and discuss tune up options with you.

      An inspection and estimate will generally take around (2) business days. 

      We'll Pick Your Bike Up

      Need help with transportation? For Edmonton residents, you can schedule your bike to be picked up by our team.

      Book A Bike Pickup Online

      Have questions?

      Call us at 780-433-1181

      100% Guaranteed Work

      Award Winning Service

      Trusted Since 1928

      Award Winning Service

      United Sport and Cycle is a multiple time winner of Edmonton's favourite bike store. Our servicing program, expert advice and quality work has made us a stand-out favourite around expert and amateur riders alike.

      Our tune up packages are designed to provide a depth of service depending on your needs. These range from simple preventative maintenance to thorough servicing and part replacement. Watch this video for more information about our tune up packages.

      Edmonton's Longest Running Shop

      With over 9 decades of experience with repairing and servicing bikes, we are the longest running bike repair and service shop in Edmonton. United Sport and Cycle started as a bike store long before we expanded into other sports. 

      We Service All Bikes

      No matter the bike or where you bought it, we will service it. Our expertise includes all brands of bikes, including brand new bikes, convertible bikes and even electronic bikes.

      From Our Service Customers:

      Detailed Breakdown of Our Bike Tune Up Packages:

      Level 1 Recommended Every 25 Hours


      Level 2 Recommended Every 50 Hours


      Level 3 Recommended Every 100 Hours


      Our 100% Bike Repair Guarantees

      30 Day Adjustment Guarantee: We guarantee all of our mechanical work and adjustments for a period of 30 days. If you have your bike serviced in the winter or early spring—which we recommend, if you want to avoid the spring rush—we will extend this guarantee to 30 days after April 1.

      Though we can't be held responsible for accidents or incidents that take place when you’re riding, we will do our best to minimize any labour costs to customers if they are involved in a crash or accident shortly after their bike repair or tune up is performed.

      Parts Installation Guarantee: If there is a problem with the function of a part that you have had installed by the Service Department we will make certain that the labour and parts are covered. This is subject to the defective parts in question falling within their manufacturer’s warranty period; however, if we break or damage a part during installation we will replace that part with the same part or an equivalent part at no charge to you.

      Ready to Get Started?

      Drop off your bike during business hours and get a free estimate!

      Location Address

      7620 Gateway Blvd NW
      Edmonton, AB, T6E 4Z8

      Have Questions?

      Our team is available to answer your questions by phone during business hours.

      Phone: 780-433-1181

      Need Transportation?

      Take advantage of our at-home bike pick up and delivery service.