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      Getting onto an eBike makes biking easier and more enjoyable than ever before!

      When you have an electric bike, cycling becomes the most convenient and fun way to get, around your community.

      People of all ages and abilities ride eBikes, and an eBike lets you save you money on gas, reduce your carbon footprint, and go faster and farther than ever before!

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      eBike Questions? We have Answers! 

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      Benefits of Riding an eBike:

      Benefits of Riding an eBike or Electric Bike
      • Comfortable geometry
      • Suitable for paved streets, paths, road, + even mountain biking
      • Good for commuting
      • Quick & smooth with predictable, easy-to-control power
      • Long-lasting rechargeable battery that recharges at any household outlet
      • Built-in sensors detect how much power you are applied to the pedals, and then the bike applies battery power accordingly, in proportion to your needs.
      • Quick & smooth with predictable, easy-to-control power
      Using an eBike to Commute to Work

      Ditch the car and ride to work or school on an electric bike. Enjoy your commute as the pedal-assist technology amplifies your efforts. Save on gas and parking fees. Say goodbye to the daily search for the perfect spot.

      Electric Bikes for Getting Fit

      Enhance your weekend ride. Electric bikes add to your pedaling efforts, allowing you to ride your favorite bike path with less effort. Enjoy your rides even more as you worry less about pedaling and more on having a great time.

      eBikes for Mountain Biking

      Tackle your favorite trail with more gas left over at the end. Climb hills quicker than before. Enjoy longer rides. Speed through flats. The possibilities are endless with electric mountain bikes. Available in hardtail and full suspension.