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      Goal Warranty Information

      We understand the necessity of having gear that fits and works right for you -- but in some instances you may run into an issue with your gear!

      Don't worry, we're here to make fixing it a breeze! We have designed this page to help answer all your warranty questions & provide you with information you need to get the process started!


      If you have a claim covered by Bauer's warranty policy, please bring your product & original receipt into the store for inspection by our goal staff.

      We will make the original determination if the product falls within the warranty & will work with Bauer to determine the best course of action for your gear.


      If your equipment falls within the described warranty policy, please return to United Sport & Cycle for assistance with warranty. While warranty exceptions are unlikely, if it has been more than the allotted warranty window, & you have the original receipt from United Sport & Cycle (if you need us to reprint you one, please email, you may then contact Bauer directly at for further assistance.


      Jocks— 30 days
      Base Layer / Team Apparel / Lifestyle Apparel— 90 days


      Goalie Masks— 1 Year
         * Dented goalie cages are not covered under warranty
      Pads/ Blockers / Trappers / Pants— 90 Days
      Supreme 1S OD1N Pads / Blockers / Trappers— 120 days
      Goal Protective— 120 days
         * Any damage from non-ice activities (synthetic ice training, ball hockey etc.) is not covered under warranty


      Helmet / Helmet Combos— 365 days
      Wire Cages / Visors / Shields— 90 days

      *Please do not remove or damage the HECC & CSA labels on your equipment. This will void your certification and may result in removal from the game by officials. These certifications cannot be replaced.


      Skate Boots— 90 days
      Skate Holders— 365 days
      Skate Runners— 90 days


      Sticks— 30 days
      There is a 1-time replacement if broken due to a manufacturers defect

      Please Note: There is no warranty on wood or foam core sticks


      Shoulder Pads / Elbow Pads / Shin Guards— 90 days
      Gloves / Pants— 90 days

      ** Bauer reserves the right to repair or replace, at their option, any product determined to be defective.