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Trail Bikes

So you're into adventure, maybe a little bit of an adrenaline junkie? You'll need a bike to accentuate the riding you're into. Not just any mountain bike will do! From beginner to those who ride insane drops, we have bikes to suit your style!

Is a Trail Bike Right for you?

Do you have a need for speed?
Are you into hitting those gnarly drops?
Are you into technical trail rides?
Will you be doing steep climbs?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you're likely a trail rider!
Check out below to find out what kind of mountain bike fits your needs.

You're a rider that demands performance. You're into the steep and more technical trails and with a full suspension bike you will be able to better absorb the impact. You need a bike that can handle the intense riding you do and the adventures you go on.

So what does full suspension actually mean? It's just as it sounds— bikes that have both front and rear suspension. This means you have shock absorption systems in the front and rear.

Some advantages of choosing a full-suspension bike include:
- Better for more technical trails
- Built with extra technology
- Better-handling— the wheels can grip the trail better due to the complete suspension system
- Great control in muddy, rocky, and rooty sections
- Increased comfort— your body doesn't take on much of the impact from the trail, the suspension will absorb that for you
- Downhill speed is incomparable, although this makes climbing a little tougher
- Excels around corners, steep climbs, and descents
- Better for jumps and large drop offs