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      Women's Bike Club

      SheShreds is unique from the usual club ride in several awesome ways!

      • Being a ‘women’s only’ ride is incredibly important - the dynamic of supportive women and safe spaces to try and fail better encourages effort, maximizes learning and sustains motivation throughout the season
      • SheShreds includes formal mountain bike instruction, taught by certified instructors, which reinforces safety and willingness to try new skills. This leaves our members with confidence and knowledge to continue on in their new-found sport
      • SheShreds include social rides, such as ice cream crawls, pre-season meet’n’greets and good old fashioned post-ride bevies. This has proven extremely valuable to our members, who have gone on to create their own network of ride buddies and friendships from our core group
      • SheShreds adapts to your needs! Can't commit to a weekly ride - no problem! SheShreds hosts clinics throughout the summer, private lessons (individual and groups) wherever and whenever you wish and mountain retreats fo a completely unique experience
      • Each SheShreds ride has a theme and this can fall into several categories:
      • Informational (Trail, weather and ride etiquette)
      • Social (Flow to the pub! Hot Chocolate rides)
      • Gear (Flats in the Wild: Flat tire repair out on the trail, drive train clinic)
      • Instructional (Bike Dancin’ - Dynamic movement & bike/body separation, Pump It up - pump track lesson)
      • Trail Days (Trimming the trails we ride, trail building rad new trails for our community)

      Stay up to date for the when & where of SheShreds rides through the SheShreds Women’s Mountain Bike Facebook Group we'll keep you updated there!


      - Start and end at the same location
      - Have the same instructional topic
      - Ride different trails [when possible]

      We call these gals "Ninjas" cause they're sneaky and building skills! 

      Ninjas are new to ‘single-track’ mountain biking and is looking to build confidence and techniques focusing on balance, gearing, braking and foundational skills. A Ninja rider has ridden on gravel paths and firm, wider trails and is comfortable on a bike, but is more intimidated when it comes to riding over roots & small logs, unknown trails and descending. Ninja group rides spend more time working on developing skills (30-45 mins), but still make time for a fun 60-90 minute ride. This group ride stops and re-groups often to rest, hydrate and look at and practice trail features. No one is left behind and we stay on green and simple blue trails.

      We call these gals "Rock Stars" cause they are killing it!

      Rock Stars are in-between Ninjas and Hot Shots. They are building skills but confidence wanes when on a more challenging trails with technical features like steeper descents, wood features and rooty climbs. Rock Stars spend more time sessioning (riding a tricky part of the trail multiple times) than HotShots, but are expected to move through features more quickly than Ninjas. No one is left behind and we stay on green and blue trails (technical and flow). Expect a 75-100 min ride.

      We call these gals "Hot Shots" cause they are ripping along the trails!

      Hot Shots loves single-track riding, has a good foundation of skills and is comfortable on descents and 90min+ rides. These riders are looking to grow their skills by developing cornering, descending and technical climbing, ‘trick moves’ like wheel lifts, manuals and wood features. Hot Shot group rides move at a faster pace, with a moderate amount of sessioning, while still focusing on developing skills and practicing. This group ride re-groups occasionally to rest, hydrate and discuss/session trail features. No one is left behind and this group focuses on technical blue trails. Please note that BikeSchool does not accept advanced riders. We got private lessons or our mountain retreats for that :)