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      Bontrager Comp (4mmx110cm) Keyed Long Bike Chain Lock

      A 110cm long combo chain lock that provides secure protection thanks to a durable 4mm hardened steel chain.

      Longer length, easier to lock

      Bontrager has partnered with ABUS to offer best-in-class bike security. The Bontrager Comp Keyed Chain Lock provides secure protection and industry-leading corrosion protection. The chain is 110cm in length and is made of 4mm hardened steel. It's covered in a fabric sheath to protect your bike frame and give it a nice finished look.

      Product details

      1. 4mm temper-hardened steel chain links for secure protection in a 110cm length
      2. Fabric sleeve for a classy look and feel that protects bike paint from scratches
      3. Versatile linked-chain design for quick and easy security
      4. Industry-leading corrosion resistance
      5. Includes chain lock and 2 keys (replacement keys available)