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      Wilson Intermediate 15.5" Pro Stock Catcher's Chest Protector

      When safety is a priority, comfort doesn't have to be an afterthought. Wilson Pro Stock catcher gear is designed for durability and sturdiness, but built with style and feel in mind. That's why Wilson is the Official Protective Gear of Major League Baseball - if pros like A.J. Ellis feel comfortable getting behind the plate with it, ballplayers everywhere will too. The Pro Stock Chest Protector is all about keeping the ball in front of you while keeping you safe. It has angled pads to help block the ball, but is made of high quality memory foam so those rebounds can be reduced. There's also added protection with internal PE plates on the throat, collarbone and sternum.

      • High Quality memory foam to help reduce rebound
      • Angled pads to help block the ball straight down
      • Internal PE plates in the throat, collarbone and sternum for added protection
      • Perforated foam for maximum breathability
      • Molded removable shoulder caps for increased mobility
      • Gunmetal finish metal hardware