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      Lizard Skins Durasoft 0.5mm Polymer Lacrosse Grip Tape

      Lizard Skins DSP (Durasoft Polymer) Lacrosse Grip Tape is uniquely soft and light-weight with the right amount of tackiness to ensure a comfortable and consistent grip.  The strategic pattern ensures non-slip performance in all weather conditions. It’s offered in our thinnest 0.5 mm material to provide all the superior gripping properties without any added thickness to the lacrosse stick. The result is less grip pressure on the stick, better cradling and shot control.


      • Available in 0.5 mm thickness
      • Designed to improve the performance of any lacrosse stick
      • Optimized feel & control (slip resistant)
      • 39 inches in length with pre-cut ends
      • Includes DSP finishing tape
      • Full adhesive back


      Show your team spirit by matching the color of tape to your teams main color, also a great way of just adding color and excitement to your stick in general.