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      SAXX Men's Budweiser Volt Boxer Briefs Mega Label

      There's something special about sipping a Bud in your SAXX whilst watching a ball game or flipping some burgers. The cold, crisp beer paired with the soft, supportive underwear makes the perfect combination.

      SAXX x Budweiser™ have partnered up to create the essential day off attire. Made for the afternoons when he's got the 6 - pack chilling in the cooler, the recliner set to horizontal and has placed all his trust in the BallPark Pouch™ to keep his man parts in place during those final, nail -biting minutes.

      Each pair of SAXX is innovatively designed to give you total support and complete freedom of movement.


      • HOW IT FITS: Slim Fit: no fly.
      • MADE FOR: The guy who wants to look good while he works out. Volt is cut from a breathable pin-dot mesh, perfect for high-aerobic training or sport activities.
      • BALL PARK POUCH: A 3D hammock-shaped pouch designed to keep everything in place. Thanks to mesh panels and Flat Out Seams™, the BallPark Pouch™ prevents skin-against-skin friction and ensures chafe-free support.
      • FLAT OUT SEAMS: Counter to conventional methods, we reverse the stitching, placing the flatter, softer side against the body (a.k.a. an itch-free experience).
      • THREE-D FIT: All styles start with an ergonomic nine-panel construction to create 3D support around glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings.
      • MOISTURE-WICKING: Each pair comes with qualities designed to combat clamminess and allow moisture to dissipate away from the skin.