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      AIRHOLE Senior Drylite Airtube

      Our classic Airtube reinvented the simple neck tube. It has a straight top and bottom bonded finish for an easy-to-wear fit and can be worn down to protect your neck, as a headband to keep your forehead dry or pulled up to seal out the elements.

      Our Drylite fabric uses a lightweight perforated construction that acts like a second skin. Made from a blend of polyester and lycra, Drylite has incredible moisture wicking properties and a UPF 50 finish for 98% sun protection so you can stay cool, dry and protected in warmer conditions or when the sun is shining.

      Our Airtube Drylite masks feature our unique welded AIRHOLE which is laser cut and heat transferred to the mask to provide a lightweight, minimal and technical finish. The AIRHOLE allows breath to escape freely, avoiding the buildup of condensation to keep you cool, dry and your eyewear fog free. A dry mask ensures all day comfort and no bad odours.

      Ideal for 0 to 5°C+ / 32 to 41°F+


      • Welded AIRHOLE Mouthpiece
      • UPF 50 for 98% Sun Protection
      • Drylite Polyester & Lycra Fabric
      • Lightweight Design
      • Quick Drying
      • Moisture Wicking
      • Multi-Functional Design - Wearable in Multiple Ways