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      Arena Women's Crazy Gummy Challenge Back One Piece Swimsuit

      We're known for our cheeky prints, bold colours and high-performance swim designs. Sprinkled with vibrant jelly candies, our Crazy arena Gummy Challenge Back One-Piece lives up to our tradition. Crafted for competitive training and intensive swimming, this women's swimsuit is made from our new recycled chlorine-resistant fabric to reduce waste and last longer. Finished with contrasting straps and full lining.

      Material & Care

      Material: 100% Polyester

      In order to ensure that your Arena swimsuit provides you with the best possible performance for a long time to come, we recommend you take the following precautions:

      • rinse immediately after use, in non-chlorinated water;
      • do not leave the wet swimsuit in a bag or other container for a long time;
      • do not expose the wet swimsuit in a bag or other container to direct sunlight;
      • wash with detergents suitable for delicate clothes;
      • air-dry away from heat sources.