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      Brian's Senior G-Netik IV Pro Hockey Goalie Blocker


      • BOA System: The placement of two individual BOA dials allows for the tension level on the hand and wrist to be customized ensuring the desired feel stays consistent all game.
      • Back-Hand: Tension keeps the hand secure over the break of the glove.
      • Wrist: Tension secures wrist pad as tight as desired without straps hanging sloppy out of the glove. The floating wrist pad ensures movement and wrist flex is fully attainable.
      • Hex-Air: The floating wrist pad features HEX-AIR for increased comfort and air flow.
      • Digitech Palm
      • E-Foam Technology: Lightweight foam used throughout pro products.
      • Double T
      • 35 Degree Angle
      • True 1-Piece Cuff
      • Redesigned Closure: The glove has been completely re-designed on the backside to help enhance the closure and allows the gloves backside to work in unison with the catching side. The glove also features a unique combination of Lightweight Materials to give the glove a much Lighter balanced feel.
      • Flat Fingers
      • Segmented Back hand
      • Elastic/Velcro Back hand Access