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      Brian's Youth NetZero 2 Hockey Goalie Pad

      Brian’s has revamped the NetZero lineup, with the NetZero 2 Goalie Pads. The NetZero 2 Pads feature a flat face design, and a flexible internal core which is game ready off the shelf.

      External Material
      The Brian’s NetZero 2 pads are wrapped with a synthetic leather material which is abrasion resistant. 

      Internal Construction
      HD foams make up the internal construction of the NetZero 2 leg pads.

      Pad Break
      The outer roll of the NetZero 2’s are squared off and have a Double Break.

      Boot Angle
      The boot angle is 80 degrees on the Brians Netzero 2 pads.

      Leg Channel
      The inner leg channel is lined with nylon material, and your shin rests against soft padding for comfortability. The leg channel wraps around the back of the leg with 2 separate pieces. One that sits snug against the leg, keeping the pad secure, and one layer that is beefed up for leg protection.

      Knee & Thigh Protection
      The Youth NetZero 2 leg pads come equipped with an attached thigh guard, that has an elastic strap to secure to the leg, and velcro closure.

      The leg channel features a Smart Strap to secure the pad to your leg. The beefed up secondary level has a buckle strap. The inner knee stacks feature one thick velcro elastic strap. There is also a smart strap for the boot strap, and a separate smart strap for the toe strap.

      Sizes & Colors
      The NetZero 2 YTH Goalie Pads are offered in all White, and all Black. Sizing for the NetZero 2’s are available in 21”, 23” and 25” in youth.