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      CCM Junior JETSPEED FT4 Hockey Player Stick

      Taper: New Skeleton+

      • New technology found in the taper area which provides not only a lighter and better feeling stick, but also better reliability in key moments due to more consistent manufacturing

      Kick Point: Hybrid Kick Point

      • Creates a hinge effect so you can load the stick using a blend of speed and response.

      Shaft Technology: Nanolite Carbon Layering

      • High-performance carbon layering technology combined with sigmatex® spread tow creates a stick that’s both incredibly light and incredibly strong

      Blade: RR-90 Blade With Damp-Core

      • Featuring our exclusive dampening material and an optimized stiffness, it provides the right mix of feel and pop for the best of both worlds.

      Shaft Dimensions: R-Geometry

      • A streamlined shape with rounded corners and concave sides that keeps gaining in popularity. It delivers high-performance and ultra-comfort

      Material: Sigmatex Spread Tow

      • Developed by a world leader in aerospace technology specifically for CCM, this high-performance spread tow fabric features an innovative weaving process that makes this stick light, strong and durable.

      Junior: Unique I Geometry

      • Adjusted specifically for each segment’s hand size, the rounded corners and concave sides improve control and comfort