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      CCM Junior Tacks 7092 Hockey Player Girdle With Shell Pant

      CCM Tacks 7092 Junior Ice Hockey Girdle with Shell is perfect for the player who wants a truly customizable fit for their pants. With elastic straps to adjust the width of the thigh guards, the player can easily change how snug the legs of this girdle/shell combo is in a jiffy.

      The thigh guards themselves, along with the kidney guards, are made up of hard plastic (PE) inserts backed by thick medium-density padding for high tier impact protection. In the hip pads, CCM also used medium-density foams covered with their JDP PE shell for advanced impact dispersion. The 7092 girdle's spine guard utilizes an exposed layer of structured HD foam on top of D3O LITE for excellent impact absorption.

      The shell is made from premium nylon with reinforced abrasion resistant side panels to optimize durability. It features a standard nylon belt and padded belt cover. The shell also offers a 1" extension zipper underneath the belt padding.