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      CCM Senior EFlex 4 White/Red Hockey Goalie Stick

      The CCM Extreme Flex 4 has moved away from the foam core construction of the Extreme Flex 3 stick, and features a lightweight composite construction that maintains the feel of a foamcore.

      Shaft Construction
      The Sigmatex ST shaft borrows from CCM’s player sticks and provides an extremely lightweight weave that provides exceptional shaft resilience. The new reinforced, rounded shape has also increased impact resistance.

      Paddle Construction
      The Innegra fiber construction in combination with the Zeroflux technology provides a lightweight feel like you would expect from a composite stick, but with enough vibration dampening and softness that is reminiscent of a foam core.

      Blade Construction/Stiffness
      The dampening of the Zeroflux technology gives the Eflex 4 great shooting control compared to a blade that is too lively. The composite construction of the blade still maintains a more consistent rebound however.

      The stick will be available stock in white base with one colour accent available. Stock red and grey accents are available. The Eflex 4 is available for custom order where both a dark base and many other accent colours are available.

      The stick features Stiktak at the top of the paddle that features a raised grip for good security during the play that doesn’t sacrifice pokecheck ability.

      Blade Patterns, Paddle Lengths, Stick Lengths, Weight, Level of Play
      Both the Crawford and Price curves will be available in 25”, 26”, and 27” paddle. Coming in at 686 grams in a 26”-Price curve, the Extreme Flex 4 stick will be perfect for those Elite level goalies that are looking for both weight and feel in their stick.