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      CCM Senior JETSPEED FT4 Hockey Player Shoulder Pad

      Construction: Amplified mobility design with molded PE foam

      • Provides elite and competitive players both lightweight protection and serious mobility.

      Caps: Ultra light U-Foam shoulder caps - Senior only

      • Pro-level protection made from an incredibly light and extremely durable EPP core.

      Torso: Vented flex motion base jacket + removable belly pad

      • Protective layer of PE foam provides reliable protection that remains surprisingly lightweight. Adjustable extra coverage is made possible with the extended belly pad as needed.

      Biceps: PE molded cap + length adjustment

      • Custom comfort fit and professional-level protection.

      Sternum / Spine: New hybrid shield sternum & spine + neck comfort pad

      • Structural shield combines hard HDPE plastic with high-density PE foam for lightweight high caliber protection.

      Liner: Laminated soft-feel liner

      • Absorbs less sweat to stay light and provides instant long-lasting comfort.

      Clavicle: Floating clavicle coverage with PE plastic guards

      • Highly protective clavicle coverage.