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      CCM Senior Ribcor 100K Pro Hockey Player Skate

      Quarter Package: One-Piece Boot Flex

      • All about performance and agility. Players get more direct energy transfer and a closer fit for more agility and faster strides.

      Material: RFM Composite

      • NHL-caliber lightweight composite material with a flexible structure

      Stiffness Performance Index: 175-185 Variable Flex

      • Flexible core offers excellent fit and enhanced biomechanics with every stride.

      Liner: Totaldri Comfort

      • High-performance moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry and skates light, combined with a seamless assembly for increased comfort.

      Comfort Pad: Smooth Contour Pro

      • Soft pad around top of the boot for superior foot and ankle comfort.

      Ankle Padding: ADPT Memory Foam

      • Extra comfort memory foam pads wrap around player’s foot for customized fit and comfort.

      Tongue: Replaceable FlexMotion Tongue (XS Tongue System)

      • 7mm tongue with FlexMotion design for increased forward flexion and advanced lace-bite protection.

      Midsole: Lightweight Composite Midsole

      • For enhanced energy transfer from blade to boot.

      Toe Cap: Asymmetrical Design

      • Asymmetrical toe cap shape for an improved fit.

      Footbed: Molded CCM Ortholite® Ultralite™

      • Ultra-lightweight comfort and superior support.

      Holder: Speedblade XS

      • CCM quick-release holder with bladelock system

      Runner: Step Blacksteel (+4MM)

      • Highest quality of steel with carbon-coated technology for superior edge hardness and phenomenal glide.