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      CCM Youth Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Player Shin Guard

      The Super Tacks AS1 shin pad picks up where the original Super Tacks model left off. One of our bestselling pro level shin pads is further improved. Upgrades to the AS1 include a new liner, strapping system and new shin cap design while still maintaining some of its most popular features including D30 Smart Material.

      Knee Cap
      The Molded PE knee cap is designed to disperse the force of impact away from the knee. D30 Smart Material works in conjunction to further absorb shock from impacts.

      Shin Protection
      The Molded PE shin cap features an anatomical design to optimize high level protection throughout the game.

      One of the reasons the Super Tacks AS1 is one of the most protective shin pads on the market can be credited to its great liner design. The use of mid density foam around the knee cut-out “donut” area prevents the foam from over compressing and saving your knee from bottoming out on big impacts.

      The liner is asymmetrical and has another mid density insert along the inner shin channel, resulting in a locked in fit that also steps up to protect when blocking heavy shots.

      Finally, the liner is removable for quicker drying and so it can be washed.

      Strapping System
      New customizable adjustment strap system for the lower calf accommodates pretty much any size calf. The upper lock strap has a nice comfort liner where it touches the back of your knee but is designed to securely lock in the fit.

      Calf Protection
      The AS1’s redesigned calf protector features extended calf protection with an anatomical calf design, offering young players maximum protection in all key areas.