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      Dom Senior Rocket Slimline Ringette Stick

      • Age: 12 +
      • Length: 50″
      • Material: 2 part wood – twin channels
      • Warranty: 30 Day unconditional breakage replacement guarantee.
      • Construction: Dual vented Aspen core with hard wood shell.
      • 50″stick — Slimline has great flex and great durability.
      • Designed specifically to feel more comfortable in smaller hands.  The slimmer 27.3 mm x 18 mm profile improves on-ice performance.
      • Two part wood construction twin channels make Rocket Slimline an ideal stick for Shooters!
      • Hard wood used on outer shell running full length of shaft.  This unique combination provides wicked flex which translates to harder and faster shooting.  Outer wood shell takes more punishment from opposing sticks.
      • Full-ribbed tip – high density engineered co-polymer maintains tip integrity.  Keeps its full shape longer.
      • Tips secured by 1/4″ dowel fiberglass wrapped and epoxied ensuring tip will never fall out.