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      EC3D Compression Support Elbow

      Our Medicated Compression Elbow Pad is infused with natural ingredients for chronic pain relief. Helps reduce pain from epicondylitis or other elbow injuries and is great for impact muscles. Ideal product for racket or ball sports and weights and barbells.

      Glucosamine infused natural ingredients: Known to relieve joint and arthritis pain

      Arnica: Known for its anti-inflammatory effect and for relieving joint and muscle pain

      Boswellin®: Known for its anti-inflammatory effect

      Creatine: Known for its role in supplying energy to muscle cells and in muscle contraction

      Relieves pain and tension:
      Ligaments - Tendons - Strain - Arthritis - Chronic pain

      We've pushed the limits of our SportsMed products by printing a blend of natural products inside our compression elbow to help reduce inflammation and pain. By compressing these more sensitive areas of the body while penetrating natural products locally, it is now possible to help relieve pain. This is our unique and different way of improving our products and helping active people comfortably and effectively relieve pain.

      Contains: 70% Polyester, 30% Elastane