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      Everlast Hand Wraps 180"-Set of 2

      The force you put into a punch could cause injury; ultimately slowing down your performance. Everlast’s 180” Hand Wraps will assist you in all your combat training sessions and improve your form.

      With 180 inches of machine-washable, nylon/polyester blend material you can rest assured that this hand wrap will completely cover the wrist, knuckles and fingers.

      Your hand wrap features EverFresh innovation, which fights off offensive odours caused by sweat. During your moderate training or workout, use the thumb loop for extra protection and a secure fit. Make a statement at your gym with some bold shades that suit any personality.

      Everlast hand wraps are ideal to use towards heavy bag workouts, MIIT workouts, sparring, martial arts and speed bag workouts. Get into the excellent practice of protection during impact sports.