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      Hammer Nutrition Heed Sports Drink (Single Serving)

      Most “sports drinks” are the same—lots of sugar, salt, and citric acid. HEED is your healthy, subtle-flavored alternative—complex carbohydrates, a balanced electrolyte profile, and essential nutrients balance blood sugar, buffer lactic acid, and ensure long-lasting energy. Xylitol and stevia are tooth-friendly sweeteners.

      • Sustained energy, no sugar crash
      • Reduces cramps
      • Buffers lactic acid
      • Supports dental health

      Mix 1 scoop to 16-28 ounces of water.

      Please Note: It is believed that xylitol is unsafe for consumption by dogs; therefore, we do not recommend you feed your dog any products that contain xylitol, nor any products that are made for human consumption