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      Mizuno Practice Platform Padded Compression Arm Sleeves

      The innovative new introduction to the volleyball market these padded platforms are intended to be worn on the forearms to either protect against the impact of the ball or the floor depending on player level and preference. Featuring stretch fabric Right- and Left-specific fit and a subtle graphic design on the padding.

      Key Features

      • Right and Left specific.
      • Padding can be worn for protection in 2 ways: on the inner forearm or on the lateral forearm.
      • Pad can be used as a passing visual to teach players where to contact the ball.
      • Great protection for beginners just learning how to play to-the-floor defense.
      • Used by veterans of the game looking for added protection in aggressive defensive sequences.
      • Mizuno Runbird Logo
      • Material: 88% Polyester with 12% Spandex