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      Progression 15 lb Rubber Bumper Plate (Grey)

      If you’re into Olympic weightlifting and/or cross-training or high-intensity interval training workouts, here’s something you’ll want to pick up on.    

      These NEW brightly coloured Progression Bumper Plates are as durable as they are attractive. Their striking design contours and bold, raised white lettering, might leave onlookers admiring their style and not even noticing yours – even if your style involves occasional barbell drops.  Solid rubber construction absorbs the impact, so there’s less bouncing, noise and clatter – and far less chance of damaging your plates, barbell or nearby items.  

      These plates load easily onto any 2” Olympic bar, with more thickness on lighter weights to avoid bending. Heavier weights feature a thinner profile, allowing you to load more onto your end sleeve.  Their sharp appearance and noise-muffling resilience make these plates a natural choice for any home gym, school weight room or CrossFit Box.  Build your strength with confidence, knowing that if your shoulder-height or even overhead lift gets too heavy, it’s safe to let go. 


      • 2” diameter collar opening  
      • Raised rubber around center collar opening and outer rim 
      • Raised lettering and numbers 
      • Resilient rubber polymer construction 
      • Multi-use – Olympic weightlifting, HIIT, cross-training