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      True Junior TF9 Hockey Goalie Skate

      True Shell Tech: With our proprietary high-grade carbon fiber one-piece shell construction and FIBERSHIELD Technology, we’ve created a thermoformed
      boot that offers a customized skate experience. TRUESHELL Tech seamlessly wraps the toe box, eliminating weak points around high impact areas and providing superior protection.

      Shift Stainless Steel Blade: 3mm SHIFT stainless steel blades provide lightweight design,
      lasting edge, and ultimate performance when moving laterally, while the improved strap passages accommodate all strap sizes for secure pad attachment. Compatible with the SHIFT Attack holder, optional 4MM aftermarket steel addresses the needs of all goalies with its asymmetrical design by offering offset positioning for increased attack angle.

      Shift Holder: The all-new SHIFT Attack goalie holder features enhanced Bench Change technology allowing faster blade replacement without the need for a magnetized blade change tool to re-engage the blade.

      Redesigned Toe Cap: Formed with a monocoque shell, the redesigned patented TRUE Toe Cap delivers a sleek, low profile design while offering ultimate skate attack angle and clearance.

      Anatomical Tongue: Felt-lined and asymmetric, the TRUE tongue is lightweight, anatomically fit for enhanced comfort, and features Flex Guard to protect against lace bite.

      Neoprene Achilles: The all-new, ultra-comfortable neoprene Achilles cuff allows for full ankle extension and mobility, while the exterior, low profile loop accommodates all strap sizes for added secure pad attachment.

      Hydro Foam: Our antimicrobial, moisture-wicking liner keeps players’ feet dry while providing