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      STORELLI Junior ExoShield Gladiator Goalkeeper Soccer Jersey

      Nothing is fearless like the defensive spirit of a Gladiator. This black goalkeeper jersey is inspired by the oldest form of protection known to man: Gladiators wore iconic armor known as “The Galerus” — a distinctive metal guard referred to as the Retiarii which isolates and liberates the Gladiator’s strong arm for battle.

      • Feature durable textured shield covers and a locker loop
      • Thin but heavy-duty 3mm PORON XRD pads on elbows
      • Slim fit


      • Anti-Bacterial : Enhanced with anti-bacterial treatment to reduce germs and odors
      • Impact Resistant : Armored with Material that absorbs up to 90% of impact
      • Sweat-Wicking : Employs Lightweight Materials that wick moisture away from the body

      MaterialS AND CARE

      • Body 100% Polyester
      • Foam 100% Urethane Foam