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      TACHIKARA SIX-VC Competition Volleyball

      Volleyball Canada has announced the introduction of a new volleyball for its 2016 National Championships. The official ball developed by TACHIKARA and appropriately named the SIX.VC features a six-panel design and a textured D-TEC micro-fiber composite cover in highly contrasting colors.

      The new six-panel design decreased panel-connecting points by 75% and reduced seam Length by 38%. This provides more surface area to touch the ball and a more consistent feel for ball control. The high contrast between color and White panels are configured to provide a uniquely identifiable and symmetrical spin in fLight.

      The new D-TEC HD micro-fiber is TACHIKARA’s most advanced Material to date providing a dual-textured surface complete with high-density embossing and a textured main surface. Applying two levels of texture provides the D-TEC HD micro-fiber with increased grip and control for setters and hitters.